How Staffing Software with Advanced Reporting Helps Agency Managers Excel

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Staffing Software Helps Managers LeadTalk to recruiting agency managers who’ve been in the business for more than 20 years and you’ll hear some fun stories. Reminders of how, back in the day, paper job applications had to be filled out in person or snail-mailed in. Recruiters had to call references and past employers to verify work history – hopefully avoiding long-distance calls at $2 per minute. As for business reports?  Get out the ledgers, spreadsheets and calculators and start crunching numbers. Have fun with that! (And they had to walk uphill both ways.)

All kidding aside, there’s no doubt that today’s sophisticated staffing software is extremely valuable to recruiting agencies. Recruiters can submit candidates to job orders with one click. Your sales team can set up alerts to notify them when it’s time to shoot an email to that prospective client they’re wooing. And as for you in management? Well, let’s talk more about that.

There are a number of ways that staffing software helps agency managers today – especially when it comes to advanced reporting features. Here’s how staffing software helps you and your agency excel.

Helps Managers Guide the Team

Staffing software that includes advanced reporting highlights details of agency performance. From the number of job submittals to client calls, you’re able to compare individual and team goals with timely results and intervene when needed.

“Businesses need key performance indicators (KPIs) that are both leading (advanced reporting) and lagging (results indicators) to maximize performance,” says Mary Ann McLaughlin, managing partner at Butler Street LLC. “Advanced indicators are necessary for diagnosing and coaching your team on performance improvement before it’s too late.”

For example, if advanced reporting data shows that a new recruiter is behind on calls, you can guide her on how to set up alerts and group calls together to improve efficiency. Here are additional reports that give insight into your team’s performance:

Bond AdaptSuite offers more than 200 other standard reports allow you to access data that helps you guide your team. Learn how by scheduling a demo. 

Helps Managers Solve Problems

Happy recruiting managers using staffing softwareBefore you can intervene, you need to know what issues or problems your team is facing. Advanced reporting features in your staffing software give you relevant facts so you can solve problems that arise.

“Reports are like an MRI to the doctor,” says Lori Williams, sales management consultant. “Without reports you don’t have the facts. Reports take the emotions out of the equation. Reports help you diagnose the problem. Then once the problem is identified and a solution is put in place the reports help you monitor the progress.”

Here are examples of reports that help you problem solve:

Helps Managers Respond to Business Changes

In a fast-paced industry, managers need up-to-date information so they can stay agile and respond efficiently to industry and business changes.

“It’s difficult to run a high performance team on ‘yesterday’s news,’” says McLaughlin. “Advanced reporting gives you the ability to course correct before it’s too late. In the rapidly changing world of staffing, minutes matter. Everyone is busy. Let’s be busy doing the activities that matter most to results.”

For example, if your reports indicate that in the next three months, your agency’s manufacturing clients will have a spike in demand for skilled laborers, you can hire a recruiter with experience in the industry so you’re prepared to respond. Here are further examples:

Helps Managers Repeat Successes

Another way that staffing software guides you is by allowing you to measure successes that you can build upon.

“I am a firm believer in what gets measured gets done and what gets rewarded gets repeated,” says McLaughlin. “Having access to advanced reporting helps ensure you are measuring the right things and allows to reward appropriately.” More examples include:

Staffing software allows you to intervene with your team when you see problems arise. Thanks to advanced reporting features, you’re able to solve problems, stay agile to re-direct your business as needed, and repeat what works to drive agency success. No ledgers or calculators needed.

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