How to Be a Better Social Recruiter in 2016

Posted by Bond Team | February 10, 2016 |

There’s no denying that talent recruitment is an increasingly social game. How to most effectively – and efficiently – tap social networks to find and place talent is where recruiters have questions.

Savvy staffing professionals who are able to fully leverage social networks are poised to build relationships with key market demographics, including Millennials, the largest group in today’s workforce.

To help staffing professionals bring their social recruiting game to next level, Bond-US asked industry experts for their take on how to successfully leverage networks. Here’s what they had to say.

Build a Broad Audience on Social Platforms

Susan Heathfield






Susan Heathfield

Susan Heathfield writes and edits human resources content at “My #1 point,” she says, “is that you need to develop your candidate pool before you need candidates. When you develop relationships over time, you’re aware of strong candidates in your pool who are a fit for openings that come along.” Susan mentions LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as places to build these relationships.

Critical here: “You want to build a really broad audience,” Susan says. “I will connect with anyone who is in a professional role of any kind throughout the world. When a position comes along that I need to fill, I have a huge pool of people to reach out to for gauging interest and getting referrals.”

Make Your Company Stand Out on Social

Erin Bazinet






Erin Bazinet

 Erin Bazinet, Marketing Manager at staffing services provider JOHNLEONARD, says, “It’s becoming easier to find candidates on social media, but the hard part is convincing them to want to work for your organization.” The question companies must answer: “As the number of job openings continues to increase, how can you make your organization and jobs more attractive than others?”

Erin advises, “Use your social channels to sell the employer brand, company culture, and what makes your organization unique.” She continues: “Become an employee advocate by posting this information and sharing it with your social community. These connections will be more inclined to want to apply for a job if they know you enjoy working for your organization.”

Build Trust with Candidates

Tony Restell






Tony Restell

Tony Restell, Founder of, agrees that the challenge on social media lies in convincing candidates that your company is the right one to work with.

“First, there’s the question of trust,” Tony asserts. “Does the candidate trust you and the company you represent to do a great job helping them to change jobs? The answer to that question is markedly different depending on the presence you’ve had on social media.”

Tony observes, “If the candidate is familiar with your name and company, has seen people they know interacting with you on social media – or better still has already done so themselves – then the leap of faith to entrusting you with their next career move is modest…. In this context, building a more visible and active profile on social media is essential – both at the company level and as an individual recruiter.”

 Make Candidates Feel Valued

Another critical factor in winning over candidates, notes Tony: making individuals feel valued.

“You could,” Tony says, “identify 50 promising candidates and send them each an InMail hoping they’ll consider the role, with their names being the only element of the message that is personalized.”

But persuading candidates typically takes more than that, Tony notes, recommending recruiters take a more engaged approach: “Look at each candidate’s profile and find some common ground on which to connect and build rapport. Your approach (be that via InMail or phone) will be highly tailored to them and make them feel like you’ve singled just them out for your amazing opportunity.”

Help for Winning the Social Game

Putting these and other social recruiting tactics into practice can set up staffing professionals for long-term success with key demographics, but the time investment required sometimes prevents recruiters from effectively leveraging networks.

A common denominator among staffing firms winning the social game: a CRM integrated with networks.

The right solution can add efficiency that gives savvy recruiters an advantage. For example, LinkedIn integration with recruiting software allows recruiters to view member profiles and engage with candidates without having to leave the CRM. Not having to switch between systems saves time, and tools like note history, enhanced search, and real-time updates help staffing pros do social recruiting better.

The result: Finding and placing the right talent – faster and at lower cost – with better social recruiting.

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