Improve Customer Retention through Back Office Staffing Software

Staffing can often times be an extremely competitive industry, but your back office staffing software can help give your business a competitive edge through customer retention. When competing with other agencies to become a preferred provider, it’s important to stand out as always being a staffing organization that is easy to do business with. It’s not just enough to provide good talent for a lot of clients. Processes need to run smoothly and within reasonable time frames. When evaluating your current back office software, consider the root where common complaints originate. Do productivity and attendance issues occur when there’s an issue with payroll? Does the time keeping process involve a lot of manual involvement from the client? Below are ways your back office staffing software should be an asset to your business with customer retention: 

Easy Time Approval Process

When staffing clients are busy, long approval processes for time sheets are never appreciated. Sending a cluster of time card data that is difficult to comprehend will make hiring managers want to pull their hair out. Not to mention that if a time entry field is incorrect, there is a lot of back and forth emails that take place to get the mishap straightened out. AdaptSuite’s recent integration with Peoplenet now allows our customers’ staffing clients to instantly approve time through their preferred method from email, website or by fax.  If you can make time entry management and approval easy on your staff, it will be easy for your clients as well.

Perfect Payroll and Billing

If temporary employees have issues with payroll, chances are your client will hear about it. This sometimes frustrates hiring managers when productivity is impacted, or just simply want to know why employees have difficulty getting paid.  While payroll issues occur for multiple reasons, it shouldn’t be a consistent problem due to a chaotic process from a back office system. Time entry records should be captured and imported quickly with minimal need for manual data entry, which can be cause for mistakes. Organized and neat employee compensation data allows for clear and detailed invoices to avoid any billing confusion.

Saves Time for Your Business To Be More Proactive

If you consider the long term effects of how back office functionality impacts your business, the less time you spend handling HR functions and performing accounting duties, the more time your recruiting teams have to focus on sourcing. With less time needed for things like running batches, chasing down hiring managers for time card approvals or trying to provide pay stub information to an employee, more time can be spent on revenue generating activities like placing highly talented candidates. Instead of clients wondering why it takes so long to get submittals, the time allotted for improving your time-to-fill rates and back office operational processes will result in repeat business.

Your agency’s back office staffing software is an intricate part of driving your business to success. It can also be the cause of time consuming processes that take away productivity and cause a domino effect that results in frustrated clients. To avoid time approval hassles and payroll conundrums that make a hiring manager cringe, be sure your back office system is a lifesaver rather than an operational obstacle course.