Jump-start Your Social Media Strategy

Many years ago, social media became one of the hottest buzz words in business. Staffing and recruiting firms were urged to join the fun and many conferences and webinars were dedicated to teaching people how to setup accounts. Fast forward to 2016 and you might struggle to find a staffing and recruiting agency that doesn’t have a presence on at least one social media network, but do they have a staffing social media strategy?Staffing Social Media

What you might find instead is a surprisingly large number of staffing and recruiting firms that don’t use social media beyond having a minor presence. You might find a page without any posts or a page filled only with job opening posts. It isn’t uncommon to come across a company page on social media that actively posted for several months, but then completely stopped. I saw a website the other day that proudly displayed 6 social media icons…none of which actually linked to a social media site. If you are sheepishly hanging your head because I am describing your company’s social media reality, then it is time that you jump-start your social media strategy.

Pick a Network or Two

Having a social media strategy does not mean that you need to be present on every single social media platform available. Not every firm has the resources for that. Pick the best one or two networks that meet your needs and focus on being active there. There are two things to consider when picking social media networks – what is your goal and where is your audience.

To start, you need to determine your goal for participating in social media.

The next step is to determine where your audience spends their time. Here is some information based on some of the major social media networks:

Once you have identified your goal and where your audience spends their time, pick one or two social networks and focus on being really active on those sites.

Plan Your Approach and Measure Your Results

Once you have picked your network, determine the type of activity that will occur on your page. Your activity should be both proactive posts sharing with your audience and reactive posts engaging with your audience. Here are some suggestions on proactive things to post:

Your reactive posts are just as important (sometimes more important) than your proactive ones. If someone comments on an item you have posted or shares your post, engage them. You can respond to their comment or simply acknowledge their share with a like. The important thing is to engage.

Get Help

Staffing Social MediaYou social media strategy requires time, resources, and a level of expertise. It isn’t easy and handling the effort in house is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are firms that assist with social media in everything from planning to management of all posts and replies. There are a couple of companies I have come across that offer these services specifically to the staffing and recruiting industry – Haley Marketing and Staffing Robot. If you are struggling to keep up your social media presence using internal resources, you may find that the key to your success is using the outside help of experts.