Maximizing the Value of Your Staffing Software

Posted by Bond Team | June 1, 2016 |

Maximizing the Value of Your Staffing SoftwareHow to Find and Implement Features You Aren’t Using

When you purchase new staffing software, you typically have the intentions of using most or all of the features that the software has to offer. However, the reality is that you often end up using a small percentage of the software over time. During the sales cycle, you are excited about all of the new features and the ways they will revolutionize your processes. During the implementation cycle, you focus on your core needs with the intent to revisit the extras later. Finally, one year into use and you are comfortable with a set process and have forgotten about the extras and even some of the core features. To further the problem, staff turnover leaves the company without any of the people who were involved in the original software selection and implementation. The features are further lost. How can you recover some of the benefits that led you to purchase  in the first place and ensure you are maximizing the value of your staffing software?

Conduct an Inventory

In order to maximize the value of your staffing software, your users must be using the software consistently. You may have some users who make your software an integral part of their jobs. Make note of their names, we will come back to them later. You may have other users who barely know how to navigate the system. You need to gain an understanding of whether a majority of your users are consistently using all available features in the software. In order to determine this, you need to conduct an inventory.

You can inventory the usage of the software in two ways. First, you can ask the users. Create a survey with questions related to the various areas of the software. Are they logging activities, are you searching resumes, and are you using reports? Go beyond what they are doing now and ask what they would like to be able to do as well. Google offers an easy to use and free survey tool that should work for this task.

Second, you can take the objective approach of looking in the software and viewing the activity yourself. Run reports to look at record creation. You may find sales people who haven’t entered any companies, recruiters that haven’t entered any candidates, or users who haven’t entered activities. It will be pretty apparent who doesn’t use the system and what areas of the system are being used.

Make and Execute a Plan

Once you have identified the areas of the software that are being underutilized, put together a plan to change that behavior. Remember your superstar user that makes the software an integral part of their job? Bring them into this exercise.

  1. Review the software documentation and make a list of the features that aren’t being used.
  2. Review the vendor’s list of partners and look for potential integrations. You may find that another one of your vendors already integrates with the software. You may also find a new vendor to replace an existing service with a vendor that doesn’t integrate.
  3. Implement areas of the software that you have not previously used.
  4. Conduct training on features that are not used consistently. This is another place to bring in your superstar user. If your superstar user has embraced the technology, get them to train the others on how and why to use the software in order to create consistent usage across the entire team.

Get Some Help

This type of project can be cumbersome for you to handle on your own. It takes a lot of research to identify the features of your existing software that you aren’t using. It doesn’t take a lot of effort for everyone.  The experts in the software can figure it out pretty quickly. Talk to your staffing software vendor. They may be able to help you with the project. At Bond, we offer our customers a service that handles all of this for them. We have developed repeatable methods of inventorying usage through surveys and data reporting. We have the product knowledge to quickly identify areas of improvement and implement and train you on features you aren’t using. We have made it a lot easier for you to be sure you are maximizing the value of your Bond staffing software.

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