What Microsoft Buying LinkedIn Means for the Staffing Industry

Earlier this month, the announcement of Microsoft buying LinkedIn was the hot topic of Staffing and HR industry news and blogs. Microsoft buying LinkedIn came as a surprise for most people and there has been a lot of speculation on what the future holds for the two organizations.  In a public company letter from LinkedIn’s CEO to employees addressing the change, many items were listed as hopeful outcomes through the acquisition. A few listed possibilities of how professional online interactions might evolve could have a positive impact on how recruiters connect with candidates.  While it’s difficult to make completely accurate predictions of a business’ domino effect on an industry, there’s always room for educated guesses on what’s to come for staffing professionals.


Integration - Bond International SoftwareNo shocker here, the first word everyone thought of when the news of Microsoft buying LinkedIn was announced was, “integration.” Microsoft has a vast amount of options for productivity and organizational tools under its umbrella. To attach Microsoft users with their LinkedIn profiles could open doors toward more professional connectivity. For Staffing Sales professionals, it would be beneficial to have software functionality that syncs with Outlook to connect with prospects and view their connections for more lead generation. Depending on Microsoft’s scope of integration it could even allow for easier scheduling for meetings. If your staffing agency’s ATS software does not have the capability to sync with Outlook, you might want to check out ours. As technology progresses, you don’t want your staffing software to make you feel behind and at a disadvantage!

LinkedIn Could Expand and Prosper

The talent solutions division under LinkedIn is a big source of revenue for the organization. Most likely it is safe to assume that efforts for keeping the talent solutions momentum going will be further amplified through the use of Microsoft’s network. If Microsoft succeeds with integrating LinkedIn for user-friendly and convenient functions within their product lines, it could potentially promote a bigger user base and influence behavior to keep profiles up-to-date. For advertising purposes and even recruiting passive candidates with Microsoft’s enhanced data, the acquisition could be a match made in heaven for staffing professionals. Successful advertising strategies could position LinkedIn as an even bigger job search resource than it already is.

Microsoft and LinkedIn Data - Bond International Software

Microsoft Will Utilize LinkedIn’s Data

Microsoft aims to be business’ choice for organizational tools and resources. Since LinkedIn is a primary network site to use for online B2B networking, its data on companies and user behavior is extremely valuable for the software company. There has been speculation that the main motivation behind the deal is only to enhance existing products. On RecruitmentDaily.com shortly after the acquisition announcement, Matt Charney published his own predictions for the future of Microsoft and LinkedIn. In his blog post, Matt hypothesized that Microsoft’s search engine Bing could become a sourcing tool that utilizes the LinkedIn network in a rebranding attempt. A staffing professional in today’s especially tight labor pool can never have enough sourcing tools, so we can only hope and cross our fingers this speculation becomes a reality.

At the end of the year the acquisition will be finalized, which gives Microsoft plenty of time to plan and prepare how to incorporate Linkedin within their brand. Until then, it’s a good idea for staffing and recruitment agencies to think one step ahead of how technology is constantly changing the industry at a rapid rate of speed. Your agency’s ATS software is how your sales and recruitment teams interact with the ever-changing market. If you’re not sure your current staffing ATS software is going to meet your changing needs, schedule an AdaptSuite demo today!