Four Things You Might Not Know About the New Form I-9

Posted by Alissa Martin | January 24, 2017 |

The new Form I-9 has not had a big impact on how staffing agencies verify employment eligibility for employees, however slight oversights could result in hefty fines in the case of an audit. If a unique circumstance presents itself when completing a Form I-9, it’s preferable that staff members are knowledgeable, and are able to complete the document correctly. By thoroughly educating yourself and your staffing teams on the new Form I-9, everyone will be ready to handle any kind of employment verification situation. Because of expensive fines associated with incorrectly filled out I-9s, it’s worth the effort for you and your staff to be familiar with any kind of Form I-9 changes. With the latest Form I-9, below are four things you should know:

Online Form

A big change with the new Form I-9 is that it can be filled out online on the USCIS website. However, your system will need a compatible version of Adobe Reader to use this method of I-9 verification. It is not considered an “electronic” Form I-9 because it still has to be printed out and signed within the legal time constraints. The online form has some helpful features to help guide employees and employer representatives through the processes with drop-down menus, and hyperlinks to pop-up windows that provide further explanations for certain fields.

Preparer Translator Certification

If an employee utilizes the help of a preparer or translator for Section 1 of the Form I-9 , each translator or preparer must sign and date a certification by hand. An employee can use up to four preparers or translators if needed. A nice feature of the online Form I-9 on the USCIS website is that once the employee selects the amount of preparers and/or translators he or she is using, the form will generate the needed amount of extra pages for each certificate. If the Form I-9 is completed on paper, a separate download and printed copy of the certification will be needed for each preparer or translator.

Other Names

The field “other names used” is now specified to listing just “other last names used.” On the USCIS website, not populating this field on Section 1 is listed as one of the most common mistakes made when employees fill out a Form I-9.

Receipt Rule

When your employee only has a receipt showing that he or she has applied for a replacement identification document, the employer representative can only accept it if the document was lost, stolen or damaged. A receipt for an identification document that is being replaced because it has expired is not acceptable for employment verification. In the case that the receipt is used under the correct circumstances for an I-9 verification, be sure the employee shows the replacement document within 90 days of his or her employment start date.

Even though completing the new Form I-9 seem like a straight forward and simple process, very small errors can lead to costly fines if an audit occurs. One way to play it safe and ensure the new Form I-9s are completed correctly is to utilize an ATS software with an I-9 integration that offers an easy and error-proof process. To learn more about how AdaptSuite I-9 solution is fully integrated with AdaptSuite Compass Onboarding, schedule a demo with us today!

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