Overcoming Onboarding Challenges in Staffing

Onboarding employees is a process with its own unique set of challenges. Onboarding employees in the staffing industry magnifies those challenges 10 times over due to the number of employees starting each day, week, or month. The challenges can range from inconveniences to catastrophes depending on the issue. The good news is that all of the onboarding challenges in staffing can be overcome with a little preparation. Here are a few common challenges and some suggestions on overcoming them.

Assuming Technical Proficiency

The first challenge we will discuss is an easy one to overcome if you can find the time. Our increasingly mobile workforce has driven the onboarding process online. It enables candidates and employees to complete their employment paperwork from their smartphone in the comfort of a Starbucks. However, don’t assume that all of your new candidates have an inherent technical proficiency. Technology is moving towards mobility, but all of the users aren’t there yet.

Ensure that your online onboarding process is intuitive and well documented. This could come in several different forms:

Missing Compliance

The volume and speed of the onboarding process in the staffing industry creates a risk for a misstep with compliance. Compliance issues come in two forms: outdated documents and incomplete documents. Employment forms are updated all of the time. A client may have a new policy or there could be a new safety agreement. Your staffing firm must be diligent about using the most up to date forms. When an employment form needs to be updated, do it immediately. Centralizing the forms will also help keep them up to date, because all branches will be accessing the same forms.

The second compliance risk is starting an employee with incomplete documentation. Setup your onboarding process to create warnings or prevent placements if the appropriate documentation is not complete. It should be the final check before start.

Security Breach

Fortunately, security breaches are not one of the most common challenges with onboarding, but they certainly introduce the most risk. The news frequently reports on the companies that fall victim to security breaches and the consequences they must face. Onboarding documentation is filled with sensitive data that your staffing firm has the responsibility to protect. Use a system that encrypts your data and store it in a secure network. Audit this quarterly to guarantee there are no lapses.

Hackers aren’t your only concern. Current and former internal staff can also obtain the sensitive data and use it for the wrong reasons. Setup your onboarding security to ensure that the information is only accessible to the employees who really need it. When an employee leaves, remove their access immediately.

Onboarding new employees can have challenges. Ensure you have the best technology for overcoming those challenges. Bond AdaptSuite Compass for onboarding allows you to embed instructions, centralize documentation, setup hiring requirements for compliance, and configure security based on documentation. If your onboarding solution doesn’t allow for those things, then watch request a demo of our innovative solution.