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Partners vs. Vendors

Posted by : - May 31, 2011

We recently concluded our 25th Annual User meeting.  I have been participating in this event for the past 14 years, my first one being in 1997.  I’ll never forget the comment I made to Lynn and Steve Caldwell, owners of Caldwell-Spartin at the time and Tom Wimberly who was President of CS and my boss.  I told them how much I usually dreaded events like user conferences but the conference I had just participated in was much different.  Instead of a ‘vendor’ vs ‘customer’ interaction for 2 days I said that it was more like a ‘homecoming’.  I observed people interacting who truly enjoyed working together and rekindling their relationships.

Fast forward to the 2011 conference and I saw more of the same.  From the kickoff cocktail reception and dine around, casino night and all the sessions in between there were some hard discussions around what is working well in our solutions and what isn’t working so well.  But for the most part it is that feeling of connection that pervades the event.  There were a number of first time attendees and then we had many that have been coming for years.  In addition we include a number of our valued partners who participated and help to make the event memorable for all.

At Bond we truly believe in a partnering relationship, by working closely together with our customers we become a better company and in turn we hope that our customers business is strengthened.  Too often in today’s business climate companies don’t take the time out to invest in the relationships that matter most, those that help us to be successful.  Partnership vs Vendor is emphasized here at VCG and our annual Users Conference is our opportunity to invest in strengthening that bond.  What are you doing with your customers to more firmly establish your relationship?

Take some time during the course of the next few weeks to list things that you can do to establish and grow your relationship with your customers and then begin to tackle them one step at a time.  It will payoff in the long run…

Thanks to everyone that attended the users meeting this year, for those that didn’t, let us know why and hopefully next year you can be part of the homecoming.

Steve Taylor

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As President and CEO of Bond, Steve helps to set the vision and lead the day to day operations of the company. Steve has a strong interest in customer relationships and providing high quality products to the staffing industry. Steve is also very involved in youth athletics and enjoys hiking, reading and playing tennis in his spare time.