Place More Temporary Employees by Recruiting Baby Boomers

Mature Temporary EmployeeIn the U.S., temporary work is at its highest percentage of the workforce since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping track. With this high demand for contingent workers, recruiting agencies have a growing opportunity to fill temporary positions for clients. Previously we talked about recruiting Millennials by emphasizing benefits that sync with their priorities, such as flexible work schedules. Now we’re discussing how you can place more temporary workers by focusing on other end of the age spectrum – Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers are entering retirement age at the impressive rate of 10,000 people a day. However, for many members of this generation, retirement doesn’t mean leaving the workforce entirely. Instead, retirement means leaving their current job for a different position, perhaps part-time or seasonal. Hey, that sounds like contingent work to me! Here’s how you can place more temporary employees by recruiting Baby Boomers.

Leverage Boomers’ Expertise for Filling Statements of Work

According to an article in Fortune, one in six people who are of retirement age will quit their present jobs so they can pursue a dream job or a new career. Recruiters should target Baby Boomers who have expertise in their niche areas and match them with “just right” statement of work or contract projects. Clients benefit from a mature worker’s valuable work experience. Baby Boomers benefit from using their expertise while being able to work fewer hours and still have an income. You can place more temporary employees by matching Baby Boomers with statement of work positions that match their professional history.

Appeal to “Snow Birds” for Seasonal Work

Place more temp workers by recruiting Baby Boomers for seasonal work. Whether you’re finding temporary employees for an accounting agency in Arizona during tax season or seeking summer tutors in Wisconsin, professional Baby Boomers who winter down south and head back north for the summer may be a great fit. Mature workers who don’t want to work full time year-round may enjoy working for part of the year. Recruit Baby Boomers for seasonal work to place more temporary employees.

Emphasize Flexible Hours and Part-time Opportunities

We mentioned that Millennials value flexible work hours. Guess what? The Baby Boomers do, too, with 87 percent of them wanting flexibility in work schedules. Some want flexibility so they’ll be better able to help care for elderly parents or grandchildren. Others may simply desire more control over their working hours. A portion of the Baby Boomers prefer to ease into retirement with a part-time schedule or by consulting, rather than going from full employment to 100 percent retirement. You can place more temporary employees by emphasizing part-time work opportunities and flexible hours to Baby Boomers when possible.

Temporary Baby Boomers Needed

As Baby Boomers hit retirement age, some are fully retiring. Many others, however, opt to continue to work but at a reduced intensity for either financial reasons or personal preferences. Companies can benefit from Boomers’ expertise by hiring them when they seek contingent workers. Take advantage of the complementary trends of increasing demand for temporary workers and also Baby Boomers’ desire to continue working at a contingent capacity. Improve your recruiting sales success and place more temporary employees by focusing on Baby Boomers.

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