Moving Past The Cons Of Onboarding Millennials With Recruiting Software

Posted by Bond Team | June 26, 2012 |

Recruiting software – pros and cons graphLike it or not – your clients are going to need to onboard Millennials. And if you remain in the recruiting or staffing industry, you will have to be the one to help. Fortunately, although Millennials often receive a bad rap, they bring a number of strengths to the workforce.

Ultimately, every generation has its strengths and weaknesses. With Millennials, too many of us have become accustomed to focusing only on the cons. To help level your thinking – while at the same time avoiding any sugar coating – I’ve provided the biggest con – coupled with two big pros below to keep in mind when considering a Millennial candidate.

Thanks in advance to Jiwire for creating the infographic to the left that helps demonstrate these pros and Brandon Russell at WebLinkBlog for sharing. See the full infographic.)

Con – Self-centeredness. Yes, many individuals in this generation have been raised with the notion that everything they do is wonderful. Feeding into the self-centeredness, to a certain extent, is technology’s ability to put any one person at the center of any group. That said, there is a positive side effect of this first big con. The Millennials’ habit of constantly using social media, smartphones, and tablet PCs makes them infinitely more trackable – especially by the right staffing software and recruiting software.

Pro – The ability to adapt to change. That constant usage of technology throughout their young lives has also positioned Millennials with another strength – the ability to adapt to change more rapidly than any previous generation. And, you know the future business world will continue to change faster than ever before, so why not get the right individuals in place now?

Pro – They work well in teams. Because of the constant electronic communication they’re used to, Millennials are well-prepared to work in teams. Just how connected to the digital world are they? As noted by the infographic above:

So what conclusion should you draw from this? While Millennials may not fit what previous generations of employees view as the most desirable work skills, the truth remains they do have many valuable talents. At some point, we will all need to learn how to pick the best candidates and set them up for success at ours or our clients’ organizations. When that time comes, don’t let the con overshadow the pros.

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