Reality TV Train Wrecks: How To Avoid Recruiting Disaster and Compete To Win

Posted by Bond Team | March 10, 2015 |

Top Recruiting Software Helps You CompeteYou might cringe when The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper yells at his contestants as they’re puking and passing out. Maybe you can’t look away as Chopped chefs create dishes using snake meat or goat brains. Nasty! But whatever your favorite reality TV show train wrecks, you work hard to avoid them as you compete every day in your world – recruiting.

The demand for contingent workers is growing, with GPalmer and Associates predicting a 10.5 percent increase this quarter. However, with low unemployment rates across the country, finding qualified talent can be a challenge. Top recruiting software can help you succeed within an industry that’s more competitive than reality TV. Here’s how robust recruiting software helps you compete in the challenging world of recruiting.

It’s all about speed.

Reality TV stars are competing to see who can lose weight rapidly or quickly develop a winning concept to sell to Donald Trump. Top recruiting software allows you work quickly as you enter candidates into your agency’s applicant tracking system (ATS) efficiently, from Outlook, a folder or a website. This dramatically reduces the time you spend on data entry – no more typing in name, title, company, address, phone number and email address, over and over again. You can connect your top candidates to a job opening with a drag-and-drop motion to the job order.

Clarity for the hunt.

Some reality TV shows have a lot of searching going on, whether it’s for clues in the Amazing Race or for an immunity challenge on Survivor. In staffing, you have better clarity as you seek “just right” talent with the support of top recruiting software. Tools today allow you to search for qualified candidates by resume, location, job history, college education, security clearance and other search criteria.

Once you’ve pinpointed your talent pool for a particular job opening, recruiting software will help you communicate with those individuals efficiently. With just one click, you’ll be able to send out an email or text message, schedule phone calls or forward resumes to the client.

Efficiency is key.

Reality TV contestants have to be efficient, whether exercising for the most calorie burn or taking the shortest route. Top recruiting software helps you efficiently track necessary information about talent, including whether they’ve provided proof of necessary certification and completed government forms. Your ATS can help you prioritize job orders so you have clarity about the jobs you manage that are active or partially filled. You can also set prompts to remind yourself of QA tasks, such as follow-up calls with newly placed contingent workers.

Assured productivity.

Certain reality TV personalities are competing around the world, from Kenya to Malaysia and at any time of day or night. Your top talent may be busy during the week, working and handling a number of obligations. That leaves the best time for them to contact you about new career possibilities at night or over the weekend. No matter where you are, if you can access the internet, recruiting software gives you mobile access to help you compete in a 24/7 industry. With mobile access, you can quickly reply to an experienced executive who had a rough week and decides on Saturday that she’s ready to explore other job opportunities.

Whether your reality TV guilty pleasure is watching friends argue about whether to take a shortcut on The Amazing Race or fall off a treadmill in exhaustion on The Biggest Loser, you face a competitive environment daily working in recruiting. Software can give you an edge by helping you work more efficiently so you compete at your best, today – no vomiting necessary.

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