How a Recruiting ATS Helps Managers Overcome Their Top 3 Struggles

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Recruiting ATS Overcomes Mangers’ ChallengesRecruiting managers consistently have three struggles: training new employees, getting your salespeople and recruiters to consistently and appropriately use your firm’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and analyzing agency data to grow your business. I’ll let you in on a little secret – if you can get your team to use your recruiting ATS, you can solve them all.

Too good to be true? Go ahead and get excited. Here’s how a recruiting ATS that’s user-friendly and includes robust reports will help you resolve all of your managerial concerns. (Except traffic jams during your morning commute. Sorry.)

Training New Employees

The recruiting industry has been historically plagued by high employee turnover, with estimates of turnover ranging from 30 to 60 percent. Recruiting managers who spend much of their time training new employees have less time available to track team performance, manage veterans and develop strategies to grow. When it comes to your firm’s recruiting ATS, you need a system that’s easy for the newest team members to learn.

A recruiting ATS should include a user interface that’s intuitive to use, allowing new recruiters and salespeople to come up to speed quickly. When software incorporates functions with visual cues, it’s easier to train new employees, so they‘re comfortable using the ATS without delay.

Getting new employees up to speed quickly means they’re productive sooner, signing clients and filling job orders. That will both improve your team’s productivity and also free you up for getting back to your other managing duties. (Minus telling your new salesperson that he wears too much cologne.)

Getting Team Buy-In

If your recruiting ATS is cumbersome, impedes your team’s workflow and wastes their time, they simply won’t use it – and you won’t have the data you need to manage effectively. An ATS that speeds your team’s workflow, eliminates clicking between various screens and omits the need to re-enter duplicate data is going to prove its value. When employees see the direct benefit to them – more placements, higher sales – they’ll see its benefits. And for recruiters who prefer to work from within their email system, a recruiting ATS that synchs with Outlook allows your team to do so, while you still have access to valuable metrics.

(What an ATS won’t do is tell your recruiter that she needs to quit talking at work about her booze-filled weekend, boyfriend problems and medical history.)

Analyzing Data

As a manager, analyzing data to grow your business is critically important. Excel spreadsheets and manual computations take too much time, especially in a fast-paced industry. An ATS helps you access meaningful data to support business decisions. An advantageous ATS:

Managers want to see that their team is doing all of the blocking and tackling every day to get the job done. An ATS that gives clarity into team performance and lets you drill down where needed is crucial to improving your ability to manage.

(No, I’m afraid your ATS won’t tell your support specialist to stop eating his coworkers’ lunches.)

Staffing agency managers have a tough job in an extremely competitive market. Tools that address your top three challenges – training new employees, getting buy-in for team members to use the ATS and analyzing the right data to help you grow – can streamline your job and save you time. That way you can focus on developing your internal team, researching new niches and growing your business.

(Yes, your ATS can do that!)

Explore more information about how a recruiting ATS helps you manage your team with a demo.

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