Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent through Skills Growth

Posted by Bond Team | March 29, 2016 |

In the high stakes game of recruiting, retaining top talent is just as important as attraction.Retaining Top Talent through Skills Growth

When you set out to recruit a candidate, you want them to have your firm at the top of their list for consideration. In order to do this, you have to offer perks and benefits that engage the candidate and showcase all that your firm has to offer.

Skills growth is an excellent selling point to highlight the benefits of working at your firm; by engaging your employees through their own skills growth, you show candidates that your firm is constantly recruiting and building success from within. Follow these simple tips for recruiting and retaining top talent through skills growth.

Learn Your Employees’ Strengths

Your employees are your most valuable asset and it is important to understand every strength of that asset. You may have some employees who were placed on assignment for one skillset initially, but they have another skill set that makes them equally as valuable in another area. In an effort to retain the employee, you must make the effort to learn all of their strengths and help the employee utilize those strengths. Utilizing employees based on their strengths helps increase productivity, build interpersonal relationships and develop a well-rounded culture of success within your company. Investing and learning what strengths your employees bring to the table will lead to peak performance within your firm.

TalentCulture recommends businesses invest in learning employees’ strengths as a method for signaling organizational commitment that puts people first. Employees like to feel valued and know that their skills are an important part of the success of your firm. Leadership based on the strengths of your employees gives the message that you are invested in their continued skills growth.

Offer Training Incentives

Beyond the initial recruitment of candidates, employees want to be engaged by their work and the skills they use in their daily job. One of the problems employees face after a certain point is the feeling that they have achieved everything they can in their current position. In order to combat this and prevent your top talent from leaving, you need to offer training incentives to your employees.

Offer your employees the chance to attend trade shows and industry events that encourage skills growth. Company-sponsored seminars on industry topics relevant to your employees are a great way to grow their skills as well. If you challenge your employees’ skills and encourage their growth within your firm, you decrease the chance they will leave your firm for another.

Create a Career Development Plan

Offering your employees a career path is an excellent way to track skills growth and encourage commitment to your firm. With each employee critical to your firm, you should sit down and create a career development plan that both benefits the firm and meets the employee’s needs and plans. A career development plan allows you to track an employee’s progress, encouraging skills growth that both challenge and engage for long-term retention.

A career development plan is an important part of retaining top talent within your firm; it allows an employee to envision what skills they want to build upon in order to reach the next step of their career and not feel stuck in their position. If an employee feels as if their skills or experience is lacking in a certain area, a career development plan will help identify that gap and allows you to work with them to fill it.  When employees recognize the growth potential they have with the skills training they need to succeed, they reciprocate with loyalty to your firm.

Offering skills growth to employees is only one part of retaining top talent. Read our latest eBook 5 Tips on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent to learn more about engaging candidates for long-term retention.


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