Recruiting from the Viewpoint of the Millennial

You probably know about the current employment disconnect companies and recent college graduates are experiencing.  Data found in your staffing and recruiting software probably even helps to demonstrate this disconnect firsthand.  While just about every workplace demographic is suffering, the Millennial generation in particular is experiencing a high degree of hardship.

What does the gap actually look like?  Examine the following statistics (found in this article), compiled by Experience, Inc. In a study analyzing hiring trends for the class of 2012, it found:

As a staffer or recruiter, how can you help alleviate this disconnect – and in so doing – better serve both candidates and the companies you represent?  By taking the time to better understand the Millennial Perspective.

During the recruiting process, you may often find yourself wondering what it is that makes different generations of employees tick.  It’s easy to simply blame the new generation of worker and push them aside.  But, Millennials are the current generation of employee, and somehow, you are going to have to find a way to hire the best candidates and integrate them into your workplace.

The  recruiting software you use may not be able to reveal some of the following thoughts and attitudes many Millennials have:

These two counterpoints are ones staffing and recruiting software may not be able to pick up on – they require individual judgment.  Sure, there are some candidates out there with poor attitudes, but those candidates are found in every generation.

When recruiting this generation, keep an open mind and try to see things from their perspective – you may find yourself surprised when you do.

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