Retaining Top Talent as an Olympic Sport

The Olympic Games are always an exciting time for a country to support and celebrate the top performers in athleticism within their country. As spectators watch elite athletes join together to compete for gold medals and global recognition, it brings up the subject of leveraging top performers in other fields. In the staffing and recruiting world, placing high quality talent in a hard-to-fill position feels like earning a gold medal for your business. Retaining top talent is an intense game in itself competing with other agencies to keep top performing workers engaged and interested in your opportunities. There are a few things you can do to stand out in the mind of an employee to enhance your pipeline with great talent to quickly fill-and-bill.  

Build Relationships for Retaining Top Talent Retaining Top Talent - Relationships - Bond International Software

There’s a saying among sales professionals along the lines of, “People do business with people they like.” The same concept applies to recruiters who are managing talent pipelines. A candidate will more likely choose the employer or agency that they feel more connected to, and one way to do that is to build familiarity and trust. Staffing is very much a people business, so it’s essential to approach recruiting as social interactions rather than finding able bodies that are willing to work the assignment. The candidate on the other side of the phone can tell the difference. Make small talk to get to know your potential associate and show some genuine interest in the details they share with you to recognize their individuality.

Retaining Top Talent - Encouragement - Bond International SoftwareEncouragement

Making people feel valued always leaves a lasting impression on someone. Everyone wants to feel like they are appreciated and valued. One way to do this  is to encourage employees and promote further success in their assignment by passing along any compliments that come from clients. If you hear that one of your associates on assignment receives a compliment from anyone at the work site, be sure to follow up with that employee and show appreciation for the good job he or she is doing. Look for ways to recognize an employee’s efforts, even if they are habits every employee should practice, like arriving to scheduled shifts on time. By providing positive recognition, it is motivating and develops loyalty to your business.  The goal is to demonstrate that the recruiter sees value in the temporary employee for retaining top talent and an exceptional candidate experience.

Communicate During First Week of Assignment 

In June’s ASA State of the Industry Webinar, a recent survey was discussed that revealed the highest turnover in a temporary assignment happens within the first week on the job. In the same survey discussed during the webinar, temporary employees identified the top three factors that determine their job satisfaction:

A great way to incorporate these practices in your hiring process is to call the employee on the first week of work. The conversation should include asking the employee if he or she felt prepared before the first shift and if there were any surprises with the job duties. Based on the answers given, you will be able to adjust the hiring communication process that will improve employee satisfaction during the time-frame where the highest turnover occurs. More wins for your business!

Retaining top talent requires putting in some extra effort and communication training. However, with the right approach and capable recruiting software, your team should be easily able to easily track your top players at client sites. The amount of time invested in retaining your gold-medal talent will save your team time and resources for recruiting more quality talent down the road.