Solving the Puzzle of Sourcing the Perfect Candidate

Posted by Bond Team | April 28, 2016 |

The modern day recruiter clearly understands the skills required for successful search and match. Many are intrigued by the trend towards ‘creative’ advertisements that enable recruiters toSourcing the Perfect Candidate reach out to candidates within their natural habitat. Whether hidden like a recent example with Google or using different channels – such as Instagram or Google AdWords – there are opportunities for recruiters to think outside of the traditional recruitment job advertisement box and branch out. In this blog, Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director at Bond International Software, takes a look at the growing industry trend and provides his top three tips on how best to prepare for ‘creative’ search.

The premise behind the ‘creative’ search approach is that recruiters know and understand the client’s market/industry but extending that concept further to source and attract experts in their natural habitat, both on – and offline.

Google creates exciting ‘job hunts’ for their candidates using a creative method. What was an ordinary search for coding advice led to the young talent being interviewed, and subsequently hired, essentially kick-starting his professional career. The concept of appealing to a candidate’s specific, even unique skills, to tempt them into a new job provided excellent results.

Our first tip for recruiters looking to identify employees within their natural habitat is to play on the visual message. For example, the Google recruit was able to understand the type of coding that was required as it was specific to his skillset. While not everyone will know how to solve an arithmetic problem, an ad that involves a phone number as an algebra equation will appeal to candidates with that skillset. Being able to target your candidates through specific processes that fit their skillset is proving to be a valuable way for ‘creative’ search to take place.

Using images allowing the ad to be more effective in drawing in the candidate is our second tip. Presenting a candidate with an image, or a code placed in a billboard ad will reveal the candidate’s ability to solve it and prove that they are potentially the ideal candidate for the role.

Our final tip is to acknowledge that the creative search can take place outside the online job environment and to target your ads to your specific audience through offline creative techniques. For example, advertising to flight attendants within airports will ensure you appeal to the core group of potential candidates by positioning ads in the right environmental setting. Extending beyond an online only model also enables a recruiter to make full use of the innovative techniques available within creative search.

In an industry that is highly competitive it’s necessary to ensure that you are targeting every potential candidate by understanding their behavior and primary location. It could make all the difference between gaining a superb candidate placement and missing out on a client opportunity.

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