Staffing firms are building brand recognition using LinkedIn

Posted by Bond Team | January 31, 2013 |

You can’t read anything about current trends in staffing and recruiting without hearing about social media. The evolving world of media consumption and talent acquisition is impacting the staffing industry just like any other. Staffing and recruiting firms are building greater brand recognition from clients and job candidates by using professional social media sources such as LinkedIn to act as a funnel for their candidate sourcing efforts. 

As of January 9, 2013, LinkedIn was the largest professional network online with more than 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories. In the United States alone there are about 74 million members. In September 2012, people were signing up for the network at a rate of two new people per second. 

Staffing and recruiting professionals are taking advantage of this exceptional resource by using it as a great place to start talent acquisition. Using the search tools provided by LinkedIn will allow a staffing firm to identity and source top candidates for individual industries. In addition, staffing firms are finding the resource a strong tool for locating passive versus active job candidates in the market. 

All of this sourcing is ideally done prior to the integration of an individual’s information into their recruiting software. This reduces the amount of ‘chafe’ – unnecessary data – in the staffing and recruiting software. Once the relevant candidate data has been entered into your software, you are better able to highlight and match potential candidates against the requirements outlined in a customer’s job order.

One of the unique advantages of Bond International Software’s staffing systems is that recruiters can accomplish 80 percent of their daily tasks from one screen – saving time and effort. This enables recruiters to leverage their social media sourcing efforts effectively so that once a candidate is in the system, your staffing firm can present job offers as needed to the professionals who best meet the needs of your customers.

Staffing companies are serving their customers better with the help of a versatile and user-friendly staffing software




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