Staffing Leaders Share Valuable Industry Insights and Emerging Trends

Posted by Bond Team | October 20, 2015 |

Recruiting Industry TrendsThere was a time, back in the age of the dinosaur, when recruiting consisted of flipping through the yellow pages for new business and placing ads in newspaper classifieds to attract clientele. Times certainly have changed and are still changing, if anything, faster than ever.

Opportunities are multiplying and so is competition. Keeping up with technology could be a full-time job that none of us has time for. Fortunately we don’t have to learn everything from scratch; we can learn from leaders in the field, keep up with accelerating change, and still have time for our daily work.

Conferences, such as Staffing World, are where industry leaders gather and offer valuable insights regarding recent and emerging trends and innovations. We reached out to key speakers at this year’s event to collect and share insights designed to help you grow your business.  

Automation Sets the Pace

“Technology has driven the biggest changes that have occurred in staffing over the past 20 years,” said Robin Mee, founder and president of Mee Derby & Company.

We at Bond couldn’t agree more and have seen the changing nature of recruiting workflow as smart, intuitive recruiting software assumes more of the clerical burdens of recruiting, freeing recruiters for meaningful engagement with candidates. Industry leaders clearly agree as well. 

Mobility Creates Unity

“Technology has enabled global talent delivery,” says Leigh Ann Pagnard, vice president of operations at YourEncore. “Now more than ever, managers are called upon to lead employees scattered throughout the country as one cohesive unit.”

Clearly, networked recruiting software is the ideal tool for linking scattered and/or mobile team members who may be located hundreds or thousands of miles apart and will remain critical as the entire workforce becomes more mobile.

Engagement Increases with Social Media

With sales up 65 percent in 2015, Mee says that LinkedIn has super charged her group’s operations. She went on to say that “Social media has enhanced Mee Derby’s staffing thought leadership, through sharing important industry trends, news, and information.” 

Bradley Bilen, regional managing director for Randstad Professionals, agrees, stating that he uses “tools and technology to be more personal.” Personally, I think it is safe to say that connections with candidates through social channels will grow in importance in the coming years.

Industry leaders specifically emphasized the value and importance of social channels and the efficiency that recruiting software can offer. The software can manage contact planning and scheduling, and allow one-click access to social media profiles. This will become increasingly important as the workforce fills with long-term users of social media.

Getting Real With Reporting

Excel spreadsheets are a perfect example of the saying, “nothing is constant except change. Just as spreadsheets replaced paper reports, spreadsheets, themselves, are now being replaced by the sophisticated, purpose-designed reporting capabilities of modern recruiting software.

Industry leaders like YourEncore’s Pagnard are putting dynamic recruiting software dashboards into the hands of acquisition professionals, replacing static, old-school spreadsheets. Dashboards function as automated assistants, improving efficiency by identifying the most critical tasks for each individual engagement and relationship in real time. Pagnard states unequivocally that, as a result, “nothing falls through the cracks because the process and next steps are available at the click of button.”

Noticed how fast things are changing? Do these insights pique your interest? Come to Staffing World and check out the must see sessions that will delve into emerging trends and best practices for recruiting in 2016 and beyond.

Bond team members will be at Staffing World 2015 to demonstrate the latest enhancements to AdaptSuite.  We look forward to catching up with our current customers and hearing your thoughts and insights.

All attendees are encouraged to enter our drawing for one of three GoPro action cameras. Enter online now or at our booth #1007.

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