3 Ways Social Media Benefits Your Recruiting and Staffing Software

Posted by Bond Team | December 22, 2015 |

Today, over 500 million tweets will be sent.

LIKEshutterstock_100122011Over 1 billion people will log into Facebook. Over 5 billion videos will be watched on YouTube. And more than 1 million recruiters, sourcers, and HR pros will be mining LinkedIn for candidates. In a world where social media is not only the norm but the way of life, how do you stand out as a recruiter?

How many candidates you reach depends upon how quickly you can search for opportunities through channels such as social media and how effective your staffing software is. In order to cut through all the chatter and attract the attention of your candidates, you need to know how to be socially engaging, socially proficient, and socially transparent.

The big question is: are you recruiting effectively through social media? Follow these guidelines and determine if you are recruiting in the age of social media.

Are You Socially Engaging?

Each social network allows for different opportunities for recruiters to reach candidates. Where LinkedIn and Twitter are used to search for and post jobs, Facebook is used to showcase employer brand and gather employee referrals.

The key to ensuring that your internal staffing software is continuously updated with new candidates for all those open job orders is to reach out through multiple channels of social engagement.

You can use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to promote job openings and engage with potential candidates. LinkedIn allows you to check the credentials of potential candidates, post job openings, and create buzz within forum groups.

A company blog is an incredibly influential tool that can boost the traffic and enhance the SEO value of your website. Your blog must be able to answer the question “Why would candidates be interested in working for me or my customers?” If you update your blog regularly and post relevant content in regards to your industry and your candidate’s values, you can provide great value to your business’s social media presence.

You can also use social media to promote any new work that your business is doing, especially if you include visual updates. Any time you showcase your company through social media, you build awareness to who you are and what you can provide to potential candidates.

The key to deciding which social network(s) to use is which one will lead you to the most responses from your online community. You want your social engagement to be consistent, as well as responsive, if you are to ensure that you are doing the most benefit to your staffing software.

Are You Socially Proficient?

When you engage candidates through social media, you want to make sure that you are a) promoting a strong social presence for yourself, and b) utilizing a recruiting strategy that works in the favor of your business and your staffing software.

Is your site mobile-friendly? You might be surprised to learn a recent Glassdoor survey found that 3 in 5 job seekers searched for jobs through mobile devices.

Your social presence is as much about how you recruit as it is about who you recruit. If you can include social links within your website to both your online profiles and to your current job openings, you maximize your ability to reach potential candidates.

Your recruiting strategy must include the ability for your ATS to track data through the integration of social media. A service such as LinkedIn Integration can add exponential value to your staffing software when it comes to finding and tracking candidates.

By using social media to both monitor and communicate your company’s needs to candidates opens up the door to what amount of traffic you can bring in to your staffing business.

“In today’s employee market it is more crucial than ever to take advantage of every recruiting medium available to attract and retain the available qualified workforce,” says Quintin Williams, Vice President of Debbie’s Staffing Services. “In our Ohio market we have been able to reach, attract, and place over two thousand candidates in less than 6 weeks thanks to our Facebook post and Tweets.  From new assignment postings, volume increases, decreases and holiday incentives, social media has provided an efficient, popular, and cost effective platform to aid in our overall recruiting efforts.”

Are You Socially Transparent?

Just as you should want your candidates to be truthful and upfront about their qualifications, your candidates want to see open transparency in how your business manages its social media presence.

Candidates tend to use sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to both inquire about companies they are interested in as well as to see if they have any contacts that work for those same companies. When it comes to evaluating a potential workplace, candidates tend to lean towards those that are up-to-date on their social media presence and have positive remarks from current employees.

Millennials take this even further and gravitate towards companies that have a social presence and value system that is similar to their own. Millennials look for companies that have a “life” story that is not too dissimilar from their own, building upon the notion of social transparency by way of open communication.

By staying up-to-date on your social media presence, you have a greater chance of engaging with potential candidates who may have any questions or frustrations about the recruiting process. In as little as 22 minutes a day, you can effectively show that your company’s values are reflected in your responses on social media.

Recruiting effectively through multiple social networks can provide great benefit to your staffing software and your business. By using social media as a channel to reach potential candidates you increase not only your ability to hire successful candidates, but you increase your visibility as a forward thinking and dynamic company that has a valuable brand identity.

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