3 Things to Look Forward to with Business Intelligence in 2016


It feels like only yesterday that everyone was shouting “Happy New Year!” With 2016 in full swing, we look towards the future of the staffing and recruiting industry and what will influence staffing software this year; specifically, the benefits of staffing software business intelligence.

2015 was a big year for business intelligence and 2016 looks to be no different. Here are three things you can look forward to in 2016: the year of business intelligence.

  1. The Growth of Cloud-Based Services

2015 saw cloud-based services grow due to an increasing range of benefits including improved flexibility, scalability and value. As more industries, including staffing and recruiting, begin to increase their usage of the cloud, they are causing their vendors to use the cloud on a more demanding basis and improve the experience of their offering.

In 2016, more staffing and recruiting companies will continue to switch their services over to the cloud and take advantage of its flexibility in Big Data, analytics, scalability and accommodation of a business’ size and service requirements. With the demand for cloud-based services encouraging the growth of staffing software innovation, we will continue to see the cloud grow in its ability to handle all that Big Data has to offer.

  1. The Growth of “Information on Demand”

One of the foundations of business intelligence is the necessity for feeding the customer’s demand for information. Companies running staffing software are collecting pertinent data on their

business on a daily basis and need a way to easily access and interpret that data. Those companies will be looking for a framework for data reporting within their staffing software that provides users with advanced functionality and flexibility in reporting and analytics in order to gain that business insight.

“Business users today have a greater need than ever for actionable information,” suggests Mark Selinger, VP of Strategy for Exago Inc. “Depending upon their specific requirements they need the ability to quickly and easily build a new report or interactive dashboard as well as the ability to personalize a standard one. This access to information at the business level provides direct insight into critical data points leading to better decision making around recruiting, HR and payroll functions.”

As customer demand continues to grow, 2016 will be the year that staffing and recruiting software companies heavily invest in how they deliver “information on demand” through strategic investments.

  1. The Growth of Customization

No more is the “one size fits all” approach to doing business. In 2016, staffing and recruiting companies will continue to call for a more customized approach to how they do business and with what their staffing software vendor can offer them. From data integration to data migration, customers will continue to seek customized connections between their product and their business.

As data integration becomes more sophisticated, staffing software vendors have begun to redefine what analytics can do for both Big Data and their customer’s needs. Customers no longer want a tool that can only be used by the most experienced analysts. Customers now seek a more streamlined approach to how reporting and analytics work together to easily deliver the full solution their business needs.

By introducing customization into how analytics tools work with Big Data, customers will continue to ask their staffing software vendor for delivery of a product that is built specifically to streamline their business needs in 2016.

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