Staffing Software Features Industry Leaders Demand for Successful Recruiting

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staffing software featuresWikipedia defines “the wisdom of the crowd” as “the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than that of a single expert” and suggests that it is “as good as, and often better than, the answer given by any of the individuals within the group.” You can see this group thinking at work in sites that offer reviews and ratings like TripAdvisor or Amazon. At either site you’ll be able to get consensus opinions from those who have personal experience with the product, service, or place.

That was the logic behind the recent Bond survey of recruiting executives and managers regarding the staffing software features they considered most important to successful recruiting. And so that seemed like a solid start for compiling my list of top “must-have” features of effective staffing software.

Third Party Application Integration

“If my staffing software didn’t integrate with third-party applications, I’d quit!” That bold statement comes from one of the executives surveyed, and it reflects the shared opinion many of the managers, who responded to our survey, regarding the importance of integrated staffing software.

Integrated staffing software saves time. Integrating your email client helps you to most effectively keep track of correspondence with multiple candidates. Social media integration lets you view social profiles of job-seeking candidates with a single click.

One manager pointed out that without integrated software, “I would need to manually input and possibly hire someone to do data entry.” So, in addition to time, integration saves money.

Advanced Reporting

Conventional wisdom says “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” For many staffing and recruiting leaders the only way to get the kind of advanced reporting they need to grow is to spend hours manually creating reports. Even then, they often end up basing strategy on hunches, not numbers. Or they juggle a dozen open tabs in a spreadsheet and hope they aren’t basing decisions on erroneous input.

Advanced reporting offers:

Dashboards let you quickly view your team’s activities, including calls, interviews, and submissions, all in real time along with the ability to “drill down” for detail. According to one survey participant, “Business dashboards give us the quick snapshot of the data within our system. The ability to run actions within the dashboards reduces the time a user will be required to spend doing admin tasks.”


With Internet penetration reaching 44 percent of the world population, you need to be online, and have your business data accessible to you, whether in or out of the office. Seamless mobile access to staffing software can help to close deals quickly.  Mobile access should be real-time access because the timeliness of responding to staffing requests – fast – can help you beat and exceed revenue plans.

Having staffing software at your team’s fingertips, anywhere in the world, gives your staff an edge compared to competing sales people and recruiters who are less equipped with mobile access to resume and job order data. It also eliminates inefficiencies in double documentation, reporting mistakes, and lost candidate communication.

As one respondent said, “Mobile access is real-time access, and timeliness of getting employees on boarded outside of the workplace is impacted without mobile access.”

Business Forecasting

Every road has bumps and turns, and they’re always easier to handle if you can see them coming. Similarly, staffing and recruiting lifecycles have ups and downs. The business forecasting capability of staffing software is a critical way to:

Business forecasting can also help you more effectively plan to sell into and anticipate the demand of newly emerging and niche areas of business. It also helps you effectively know when to move away from business segments that are going to predictably decline.

One staffing professional said sales forecasting reports were so important that if their staffing software didn’t have it they would “change to a different vendor.”

Do you value the collective opinion of a group of individuals? If so, and you want know more about how your peers value staffing software features,  then download the Staffing Software Features You Can’t Live Without Report and decide for yourself what you can live without.

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