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Staffing Software Selection? Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers.

Posted by : - June 11, 2012

New Bond International Software webinar, hosted by independent expert, reveals the questions staffing and recruiting agencies should pose to vendors before making an important software decision

Atlanta, GA (June 11, 2012) Bond International Software, the global leader in recruiting software and staffing software, opens registration for its webinar, 5 Staffing Software Selection Questions…And 5 Answers. This free webinar, scheduled for Thursday, July 19th at 1pm EDT, will arm attendees with questions that help ensure they select the right staffing software to meet the growing needs of their recruiting or staffing agencies. “Every staffing software provider can promise the best features,” says Tim Giehll, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer for Bond International Software. “What very few providers can ensure is that the features being selected will be best suited for the needs of an agency today, and in the years ahead.”

Our July webinar will provide attendees with the questions they need to ask to ensure the software they choose not only fulfills their current business objectives but also has the capability and flexibility to support business growth. Hosting the staffing software selection webinar offered by Bond International Software will be Lynn Dunn, an independent management consultant recently featured on a panel dedicated to staffing technology solutions at the 2012 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum.

 Among the staffing software selection questions answered by Dunn during this webinar will be:

  • When is a feature too good to pass up – or too good to be true?
  • How can I ensure the staffing software will evolve to meet my needs as my agency continues to grow?
  • What criteria should I use to narrow down vendors and finalize my decision?

“Dunn’s presentation will be educational and objective,” concludes Giehll. “We are excited to host this webinar and to help ensure recruiting and staffing agencies can make informed decisions regarding the best software for their needs now, and in the future.”

To register for the Bond webinar, 5 Staffing Software Selection Questions…And 5 Answers, scheduled for Thursday, July 19th at 1pm EDT, visit: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/769046774

Registrants will be offered the opportunity to submit a question for consideration in the webinar’s agenda when signing up for the event.


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