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Staffing Software Selection Webinar Helps You Hold Providers To Their Promises

Posted by : - July 12, 2012

Your last staffing software provider may have promised you the best features.  You may have been promised that these features would evolve with you as your agency grew.  You may have been promised that advancements in technology would be forthcoming and designed to help you consistently achieve your agency’s bottom-line objectives.

So – did your last staffing software live up to that promise?

To help ensure the next staffing software your agency selects lives up to its promise, while helping your agency live up to its potential, I would like to invite you to next week’s webinar – 5 Staffing Software Selection Questions and 5 Answers.

Hosted by experienced and independent industry expert Lynn Dunn, this webinar will help your agency answer questions ranging from:

  • How do you know when a feature is too good to pass up or too good to be true?
  • How can you ensure the software has the ability to meet future needs as your organization evolves?
  • What criteria should you use to evaluate vendors and ultimately make the best choice?

When registering, you will even able to submit your own staffing software selection question to be considered in the webinar agenda.

Our webinar, 5 Staffing Software Selection Questions and 5 Answers, will be held next Thursday, July 19th at 1pm EST.  I invite you to register at the URL below:


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