Staffing Technology Integrations For Service Delivery

On some days, your staffing agency can feel so much like Grand Central Station that no amount of staffing technology integrations can meet your needs. The phones are constantly ringing, walk-ins are in and out looking for open positions, the sales team is trying to coordinate with recruiters on resume submittals and there’s always a problem that needs solving. The popular saying, “time is precious” is especially true within the four walls of a staffing agency. With so many juggling components to coordinate and details that go into working operations, sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to keep all aspects of business running smoothly simultaneously.

Luckily, the recruiting industry exists during a time when staffing technology integrations for making complex procedures simple and easy are at our fingertips. Determining ways to make the staff’s to-do list manageable improves the candidate experience as well as overall service delivery for your clients. Less time spent handling daily, manual processes means more time recruiting and placing employees.  To achieve this type of win-win scenario, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate what types of tasks and issues hinder productivity on a regular basis. Leveraging the below resources for staffing technology integration could help grow your business through efficient work management processes:

  1. SMS Services

CallEmAllClients’ needs are met faster when you can contact people at the speed of pushing a button. Many people prefer communicating and receiving alerts through text messages instead of a phone call. It’s a quick way to converse back and forth without playing phone tag, and can be done while multi-tasking instead of mentally focusing on a lengthy phone call. Call-Em-All is our partner for automated voice and SMS services that take out the hassle of trying to contact a long list of people all at once. By leveraging these types of staffing technology integrations, recruiters are able to quickly respond to job posting applicants, communicate shift changes or reach out to benched candidates for fast backfilling opportunities.    

  1. Onboarding

The faster you can get the employee ready to start his or her assignment the happier the hiring manager, but onboarding can be a lengthy ordeal. Typically filling out all the paperwork at the branch is a big time commitment for candidates. To maintain compliance, staff must look over every signature carefully to ensure everything is filled out properly. The good news is that onboarding paperwork can be a lot faster and convenient for everyone. Automated onboarding allows candidates to complete required paperwork from their phone or personal computer using eSignature technology. Because of the automated technology, recruiters have everything needed for compliance before new employees start assignments. Data breeches are never a concern since everything is stored in secure electronic files. Leveraging a cloud-based onboarding process that tracks and stores all documentation automatically will save the sanity of your staff and put people to work faster.

  1. Pay cards Global Cash Card

When clients constantly hear complaints from temporary employees about complications with receiving payments, it tends to raise eyebrows. Payroll issues can impact an employee’s productivity and can raise questions about operational processes. Not every employee will choose direct deposit for payment options, but paper checks can get pricey. If an issue comes up the resolution process can be complex and frustrating for everyone. One of our most recently established partnerships that we recommend for such services is with Global Cash Card. They provide easy and simple solutions for a pay card service so that you do not have to pay for, or coordinate, delivery of a paper check. Temporary associates appreciate this option of having paychecks automatically loaded to their card on pay day. Less payroll hassle is always less stressful for a busy staff. 

There are many different types of staffing technology integrations that can save your staff time and energy to focus on more revenue-generating tasks. If your ATS software lacks the support and capabilities to implement technology integrations necessary to improve efficiency, schedule a demo with us to learn more about how AdaptSuite can help your business improve service delivery!