Staffing & Recruiting Software Lessons from Super Bowl 48

Posted by Bond Team | February 3, 2014 |

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks QB

Staffing & Recruiting Software Lessons from Super Bowl 48

Did you watch Super Bowl 48?

Better yet, what did you learn?

Staffing and recruiting professionals learned A LOT from the team that executed at the top of their capabilities!

Here are 6 Sweet Lessons from the Seahawks.


Offer a vision of your client’s future when you present “Player of the Year” candidates.

Suss out super stars fast with recruiting software that offers super effective resume management.

No matter where you look, you should always have instant access to important staffing data via your recruiting software.

Plan for it.
And it will happen!

The future of SaaS-based recruiting software is NOW.

And soon it will
differentiate you.

Start thinking about how cloud-based recruiting software can reduce total cost of ownership, simplify IT maintenance and enable you to be more nimble as you grow.

Guide your candidates throughout their career.

Carefully select monitoring and tracking tools which help you nurture your most talented recruits and place them in the best positions as they are ready to advance.

Ensure your recruiters and sales team can accomplish 80% of their tasks from a single screen.

It’s that important!

The more quickly & effectively they can manage their activity the faster job orders will be filled and sales will be closed.


Prophecy was fulfilled when Russell Wilson was named starting quarterback for the Seahawks in 2012.

The future $100 Million Man helped trounce Denver as he led the team on a crushing 43-8 Super Bowl conquest.

Wilson consistently has mystical access to 3, 4 and sometimes 5 receivers during a play.

It’s not an accident.

As the first QB to post a 100+ passer rating in each of his first two seasons, he PLANS for it and it HAPPENS.

With histories of practice and games at CenturyLink Field, the Seahawks’ defense performed like a brick wall. Linebacker and the game’s MVP, Malcolm Smith, made the point of pride when he said, “We attack all over the field.”

It’s about being ready.

Contact Bond when you’re ready for the future of cloud-based recruiting software.

The Seahawks saw insane talent in Bruce Irvin.

With Coach Carroll’s guidance he’s been able to showcase multiple talents as linebacker, outside linebacker and (Fans didn’t have to WAIT for it ) defensive end!

The Seahawks’ laser-like commitment to a small yardage strategy clearly got results.

The team spends a phenomenal amount of time in their opponent’s end zone.

Ah, to taste a touchdown!

The Seahawks Super Bowl 48 win
inspires staffers and recruiters alike.

This year, let’s all follow Pete Carroll’s Mantra
“Always Compete”.

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