Survey Insights on How Great Staffing Software Keeps Employees Happy

Posted by Bond Team | September 29, 2015 |

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

Benefits of Staffing SoftwareJim Rohn

I’m probably going to date myself when I say that I still remember the day I loaded the first Adobe Creative Suite onto my computer. Ah! I became more productive and creative with those integrated software tools almost immediately. I was one happy guy at work.

Today, the software tools that staffing and recruiting professionals use are light years more advanced than the ones available 15 or 20 years ago, yet it’s still critically important that the tools you use make your job easier, and you happier. Efficient staffing software keeps recruiters productive, organized and happy. If your staffing software isn’t making your work easier, you will soon be looking for a replacement. Inefficiency in staffing software causes decentralization of key day-to-day activities such as email, analysis and reporting. Which in turn, causes a less productive recruiter.

With happiness in mind, Bond conducted a survey to reveal what makes recruiting professionals giddy about their staffing software. Efficient software, saves companies money with less manual data entry and is so important. One executive went as far as saying “I would have a more difficult time hiring great recruiters who think they can’t live without it [staffing software].”  

Read on to learn about the features that keep recruiting managers efficient and satisfied.

Day-to-Day Benefits of Staffing Software That Keep Recruiters Happy

1. Integration with Key Applications

Imagine that your email is integrated with the management of potential candidates, reports are run seamlessly, and you can access your files from your mobile device. Well, the future is here. Good staffing software can do just that.

According to one manager who participated in the survey, “Software that does not integrate requires a patchwork of processes that includes manually using each application, dual documentation, decentralized reporting and analysis.” This need for integration was a common theme with over 91% of respondents saying it is important to have their staffing software integrate with other applications, like their email client.

2. Easy to Use Reporting

As a manager, reports are a part of your daily workflow. To slow your roll by opening multiple applications to accomplish one report not only makes you less efficient, it makes you a little more susceptible to crankiness. In the survey, many recruiting professionals admitted to using multiple analytical systems along with Excel.

Most of those respondents also put a high priority on integrated, easy-to-use reporting modules and dashboards that give a quick snapshot of the data within their system. The ability to run actions within the dashboards reduces the time a user will be required to spend doing admin tasks.

3. Ability to Run on Mobile

We are a mobile world, people come and go from the office more frequently and need the ability to work on the run. Managers and executives believe that the benefits of a mobile staffing software contributes to their responsiveness.

According to one manager we spoke to during the survey, “Mobile software allows data to be transferred instantly from any location to the live system. This allows the staff in the office to have the most up to date information to work with.” Without this kind of syncing, it would cause staff in the office to sit idle, checking sports scores instead of resumes.

4. More Accurate Business Forecasting>

Since they haven’t installed a crystal ball in your office yet, business forecasting technology is necessary to project workflow and projects. From our survey, one executive said that business forecasting within their recruiting software, “Allows us to create and project a more flowing and helpful business for our clients.” That should put a smile on your face as staffing software that includes business forecasting allows you to see trends within your business, the future flow of job orders and industry growth.

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