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Do you know a Shrew that needs Taming?

A while ago, I mentioned to you about how I have a daughter who studies philosophy and literature in college. We’ve discussed multiple different ways her world of arts and my world of business coincide and have even produced a blog from one of those very discussions. Today is another addition to those that I […]

HR Professionals Need To Write More

We all have moments when we have trouble articulating what we want to say, or putting down the exact words that we want to write. This can be a big problem if it persists and keeps you from moving forward. Many people have their own techniques, habits, and solutions for when the elusive block comes […]

Office Politics Can Destroy You

We’ve discussed multiple different ways the world of arts and the world of business coincide. Today is another addition to those that I have already shared with you. This day is a day we take some advice from Shakespeare about love and war, as well as business. Today’s topic: Macbeth. If you are unfamiliar with the plot of the […]

Would You Hire Romeo & Juliet ??

Recently I have reminded you about how I have a daughter who studies philosophy and literature in college. Her and I frequently discuss the ways in which the worlds of business and the world of art and literature coincide. Not too long ago, we related this back to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and how lessons learned from […]

HR Thought Leadership and YOU Part 2

There are common traits that can be found in those who are HR thought leaders in this day and age and my goal is to share some of those with you today so that you may hone such traits in yourself and your work.

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