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Bond StaffSuite Staffing Software Release Adds Enhancements to Improve Tracking and Collaboration among Staff Employees

Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announces the 2nd Quarter release of Bond StaffSuite staffing software. The update includes several new enhancements designed to improve the ability of team members of staffing companies to better track their daily work and collaborate with other staff employees. First, a new Saved List feature […]

The Role of Motivation in Winning the War for Talent

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a recruiter has to be getting to the offer stage only to have your candidate not make a move. We’re all familiar with the scenario where we’ve guided a candidate through every stage of the recruitment process and acted as their advisor only to have it go […]

Bond Releases Whitepaper on Techniques for Conquering the Sales Process for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

Bond International Software, the global staffing and recruiting software specialists, shares insights on effectively onboarding and managing a top-performing sales team. Bond International Software, the global staffing and recruiting software specialists, is announcing the release of its latest whitepaper covering techniques for conquering the power of the sales process for staffing and recruiting agencies. Bond […]

Recruiting Software That Helps Your Recruiters be 5-Tool Players

A 5-tool baseball player has it all — a good eye at bat, speed to steal bases, a cannon arm, great glove work and strength to hit home runs. Along with baseball season it’s recruiting season too, with the U.S. contingent workforce growing and 3 million people employed by staffing companies every week. “Over the […]

Developing Your Internal Sales Team: Retention Strategies That Prepare Your Best People for Future Leadership

Now that we’ve figured out how to select top performers and learned how to keep our teams motivated we should be in the clear, right? Well, if your firm is like the vast majority of those in staffing struggling with turnover in the 30 to 70 percent range, there’s a lot of work left to be done. […]

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