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Writing Reports for StaffSuite

We are offering a two-day session on Writing Crystal Reports for StaffSuite November 8-9, 2012 in our Roswell, Georgia training facility.  This exciting class provides you with the knowledge to edit your StaffSuite Crystal reports and create your own custom reports.  This course is designed for those of you with prior training and/or experience in basic Crystal report writing who would […]

Crystal Report Writing Class for StaffSuite

We are offering a two-day session on Writing Crystal Reports for StaffSuite, February 23rd-24th, 2011 in our Roswell training facility and still have a few open spots. This session focuses on working with the database tables within StaffSuite for writing Crystal Reports. This course is designed for users with prior training and/or experience in basic Crystal report writing who would like to gain […]

Are you using what you pay for in your recruiting and staffing software?

I was loading the dishwasher last night and getting ready to run it.  For some reason I noticed the control panel with all its options.  I guess I’d fallen into a rut.  I realized that I don’t use most of the settings.  I just load the machine with dirty dishes, pots and pans and silverware […]

Keeping your class engaged

For the past few years, I have participated in training from the perspective of the trainer as opposed to that of the student.  Recently, I had the opportunity to be the student and it got me back to thinking about what it takes to keep the student engaged.  As trainers, we have all conducted classes […]

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