The Ideal Home Office Setup to Help the Telecommuting Professional’s Work Life Thrive

Posted by Bond Team | May 27, 2014 |

Is your home office décor “Feng Shui minimalist” or more “Next episode of Hoarders?” Or do you find yourself working at your favorite local coffee shop where the barista has your order memorized? Nearly 10 percent of Americans work at least one day a week from home—that adds up to about 13.4 million people. As more people enjoy flexible hours, have flex schedules, and work from any place, any time, the home office—wherever that may be—is becoming a vital workspace and component of the telecommuter’s work life.

Here are some features that can make your home office (or coffee shop setup) a productive space that supports a thriving work life.





The percentage of Americans who work from home is expected to rise in the coming years. An office space will become an integral part of your home, and you want it to be comfortable, attractive, organized and connected—an area that makes it easy for you to succeed and thrive.

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