Tips for Automating Your Staffing Sales Workflows

Posted by Bond Team | April 20, 2016 |

Is your sales team one that goes with the flow, or do they have the process down to a science?Tips for Automating Your Staffing Sales Workflows

If they’re of the former sort, it might be time to invest in sales workflows in your recruiting software. Automated workflows guide the sales team through the process and lead to increased productivity, reduced errors, and improved profitability. By automating your sales process and creating workflows, your sales team can engage with prospects with greater efficiency and open up opportunities for greater profit margins.

Here are some tips on how to automate your staffing sales workflows.

Utilize Your CRM for Maximum Efficiency

Your recruitment CRM software is an incredibly useful tool for building sales workflows and managing your sales team’s activity. Populate your CRM with daily notes, emails, and files pertaining to clients and prospects. This will allow you to pool all of your information together regarding clients and prospects in one location. In order to save time on entering data, sync your CRM with different applications such as Microsoft Outlook or LinkedIn Recruiter. Without the need to have multiple applications open at once, you maximize your efficiency in building workflows around your available contacts.

User adoption is an important part of maximizing the efficiency of your recruitment CRM software. In order to increase user adoption, spend time on initial and ongoing training of your tool.  Like all new software and process, there is a learning curve that the sales team must overcome with training. 

Establish a Sales Pipeline for Lead Nurturing

The sales process relies on reaching out to your contacts with the urgency of “We have what you need, let us help you get it.” While it would be great if a qualified prospect reaches back after the first email, odds are that won’t happen. Instead, you have to be diligent and set up a nurture schedule for converting leads into prospects.

When you find a new lead, create a pipeline that allows you to monitor the relationship between you and your lead and what it will take to close a job order. Track your lead over a specific timeframe and give yourself a window of opportunity to turn that lead into a prospect. You want to be able to leverage your placements and use your contact database to secure placement for a job order for that lead. Automate any email follow-ups in order to solidify commitment and turn a lead into a customer.

Tracking and developing your sales pipeline will help you manage and analyze job opportunities, generate better leads, increase sales and build your business.

Identifying Opportunities and Automating Your Follow-up Workflows

Identifying potential leads is only one part of the sales process; you don’t want to let them fall through the cracks by waiting too long to engage. By tracking your amount of prospect activity and standardizing your process through your recruitment CRM software, you can identify the prospects with whom you need to engage through a number of factors and follow up appropriately.

You can create a workflow to monitor the level of activity you have with a prospective client. If you find prospects that have little to no activity, you can focus your sales efforts to identify any hot candidates you have and reach out to the prospect in order to market the candidate and establish a sales dialogue. Using your recruitment CRM software, establish a standard process with set templates for phone and email communication to establish a consistent sales message. You can also create a workflow to identify clients and potential clients in a specific geographical area and plan a trip to that area. Prior to your trip, evaluate the jobs that need to be filled at the potential sales opportunities and be prepared ahead of time with potential candidates.  Use your recruitment CRM software to not only automate the tracking of clients and job orders but sales and job opportunities as well in order to establish and automate consistent follow-up workflow.

If you are interested in how recruitment CRM software can help automate the sales process, contact Bond for a demo today.

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