Tips for Improving Staffing Agency Employee Training

Posted by Bond Team | March 24, 2015 |

Staffing Agency Training TipsThe staffing industry is known for its high employee turnover, with various industry sources indicating turnover rates between 30 to 60 percent. High turnover means new employees; new employees require training.  Managers may feel like training is a permanent item on a long list of to-dos. Find more time to manage your team by leveraging staffing agency training tips from Amy Bingham, staffing industry sales consultant and trainer.

“Some recruiting agency managers may forget that training is not a one-and-done deal,” says Bingham. “The best way to ensure training is retained and implemented is to keep it alive through continuous learning, aka coaching.” 

Here are suggestions on ways to train new employees to save you time, position new employees for success and prepare them for a long stint as a valued part of your team. 

Amend training for a new employee’s skillset.

Don’t follow a uniform training process because “that’s how it’s always been done.” Instead, assess the areas where your new employee needs training that is specific to her role and professional tasks. Explain the “why” of the training and the ways in which it will help her succeed at your agency. Feedback is a great way to learn, so have your new employee complete an assignment, such as conducting certification verification, and then make suggestions for improvement.

In addition, Bingham says, don’t forget to balance critiques with praise. “Use the sandwich method in your coaching sessions: what they’re doing well, what needs more attention and wrapping up with a reinforcement of what they’re doing well again,” Bingham recommends.

Provide time to research and connect.

Set aside time for your new salesperson to conduct research about niche industries so he knows what companies are poised to expand. Ensure he has time to look up key contacts, their interests and their professional connections. On LinkedIn, introduce your new salesperson to crucial connections, recommend he join online forums in his niche industry and suggest he share contacts’ published content to reflect his interest and experience.

Make training ongoing.                                               

Staffing Agency Training TipsPromote a culture of learning at your staffing company. Bingham suggests you determine what your team’s pain points are and craft training that helps your salespeople overcome their biggest obstacles.

“Put together a list of content that needs to be reinforced consistently – like overcoming client and candidate objections,” says Bingham. “Schedule live or virtual one-hour sessions once a month covering a specific sales or recruiting topic. Engage the people on your team who are best at that particular topic to share their best practices.”

Use software that has useful prompts.

When it comes to training your new employees on software, use ATS software that incorporates visual prompts and helps trainees learn quickly. For example, AdaptSuite has step-by-step instructions and visual cues that guide new employees through recruiting tasks, such as linking a candidate to a job, for faster placements. Your new employees get up to speed rapidly and are able to recruit, sell and generate revenue faster.

With the staffing industry prone to high employee turnover, tactics to quickly train new employees keep your entire team engaged are crucial. For more insight into training employees, read our whitepaper, Conquering the Sales Recruiting Process: Refine Your Onboarding, Development and Measurement System for Success.

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