Top Resources to Develop Your Staffing Sales Team

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Sales Staff Training is ImportantThe highest performers are always honing their skills. Raw talent is never enough – that only gets you a try-out. Look at any top player in any professional sport and you’ll see a level of dedication that translates into winning. They rely on training and coaches to help them achieve their maximum potential. Staffing Sales pros – at the top of their game – are no different. The best of the best know that professional results can be attained, not only by learning how to most efficiently navigate their staffing CRM software, but also by investment in sales skills development.

With the goal of building the best staffing sales team, Bond gathered a list of top sales skills resources you can recommend and reference when training your staffing sales team.

Top Sales Training Resources

Books for Honing Sales Skills

Sales professionals are often independent and in control of their own schedules. For that reason, books focused on sales training are ideal, flexible, skill-building resources. Consider recommending the following reading to your staff:

Podcasts for Training Sales Efficiency

Your sales team can also benefit from some excellent personal and professional development podcasts:

Internal Information and Sales Skill Sharing

Another resource, often-overlooked, is internal experience. You hired your sales team because they’re smart, and their experience and willingness to learn makes them smarter every day. They may be sharing knowledge and expertise informally through war stories and water-cooler chat, but you could be missing opportunities to better intentionally leverage each individual’s expertise across the entire team. To seize those opportunities, try the following:

Specialized Industry Knowledge Training

Finally, one of the most important tools in your sales team’s tool box is industry knowledge. Don’t leave that to chance. An investment in certification training through the American Staffing Association can give your sales team insights into industry practices and client needs that can give them the knowledge and credibility they need to develop “trusted partner” client relationships.

Sales staff development isn’t something you do by writing a handbook or scheduling a retreat. It’s an ongoing process of identifying and fine-tuning your organization’s best sales practices, helping individuals to correct weaknesses and build on strengths, and encouraging every employee to do and be their very best.

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