Top Staffing Industry Challenges for 2016 (#3 Might Surprise You!)

The staffing industry is set to be white hot in 2016. Again.

Awesome news, right?

Yet only agencies poised to overcome some major staffing industry challenges will truly be able to capitalize on what is projected to be record market growth.

What can you do to be ready?

To provide answers, we surveyed more than 100 ASA Staffing World 2015 attendees about their biggest challenges – and how they plan to overcome them.

Some of what we found was surprising, especially #3 on the list. Take a look:

Challenge #1: Finding more talent.

Sound familiar? Of course it does.

Nearly 70 percent of Staffing World respondents rated finding candidates as a challenge of seven or higher on a scale of 1-10.

With a lot of orders to fill and few qualified candidates, workflow efficiencies are critical for placing more candidates.

Challenge #2: Managing ACA.

That probably sounds familiar, too. This challenge was identified by more than half of staffing agency personnel surveyed. Over 60 percent stated the need to make front to back operations more efficient.

Bet that thought has occurred to you once or twice.

Challenge #3: Use technology more efficiently.

Here’s where things get very interesting: More than a quarter of respondents rated using technology efficiently a whopping 10 on the challenge scale (which goes to 10!).

That’s a certifiable level of frustration holding people back from doing their jobs well.

This fact isn’t lost on staffing agencies: 41 percent of surveyed companies plan to buy new software in the next year.

Addressing staffing software needs can help address the first two challenges, enabling greater efficiency and integrating front and back office tasks. Finding the right staffing software can also help meet the last major challenge identified by staffing professionals, which is:

A secret … for now!

Find out what it is in the full report of survey results, Top 4 Staffing and Recruiting Industry Challenges for 2016, and get even more insights and tips on how to make the most of these opportunities in today’s white hot staffing market.