Unifying Your Sales and Recruiting Teams to Improve Sales

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A long time ago, we operated from two different software systems at Bond. We managed all of our sales and marketing efforts with prospects from one piece of software and as soon as the prospect became a customer, they were entered into a different software. I don’t even like to remember those days where coordinating teams was sometimes chaos. During that time, we really missed out on some ways that we could improve across the organization including with sales.CRM and ATS

Staffing sales teams operating in a stand-alone CRM system probably face many of the same challenges that we did, but they can overcome those challenges with a unified CRM and ATS software solution. Whether running a full desk or a split desk, everyone should be in the same system. Your CRM software should also be your applicant tracking software. In the past, the barrier has always been technology. Traditional ATS systems did not have the robust CRM features needed by the sales team. Fortunately, there are staffing software solutions in the market today, like Bond AdaptSuite, which offer a full-featured CRM solution alongside your traditional applicant tracking system. Once you have implemented this robust system, you will experience the following benefits and improve your sales.

Improved Prospecting

The warm call is so much easier than the cold call. If you have an existing relationship with a prospect, you have a greater chance of getting them to respond to your phone calls and emails. What does a new sales employee do though when they don’t have years of built-up sales relationships? How can they leverage former relationships created by other people in their staffing agency? If that salesperson is operating from a stand-alone CRM, it will be difficult. If their CRM is unified with their ATS, they can leverage historical client information. A unified system allows the sales team to run prospecting queries such as –

A few simple queries on the current data entered by your recruiting teams can create great prospecting lists filled with warm leads.

Improved Sales Experience

During the sales cycle, the prospective client will want evidence of your success in their industry. They will want examples of placements you have made and candidates you know. Certainly, you will be able to get that information from other people in the organization, but that could take time. The faster you can obtain their requested data, the more obvious your past success is to the prospect. What if you could quickly get that information for yourself without waiting for others in the organization? In a unified CRM and ATS system, your sales team has easy access to that information. Look for current clients that are the prospect’s competitors in the same area in order to demonstrate your ability to place. Easily find hot candidates recently sourced by your recruiters to demonstrate candidates you know. A few simple queries or reports provide you required information in no time at all.

Improved Transition

A large part of the sales process involves building a relationship. Weeks and months are spent learning about your prospect and their needs. You develop a rapport with your contact and have endless conversations about how your recruiting agency can solve their business problems. These conversations, emails, and meetings are all documented in your CRM system. Once the prospect becomes a client, agencies operating in two different systems must transfer the client’s information into the ATS system. Typically little effort is spent transferring the history. Only the basic information is needed to service the client, and there is little time to transfer the history.

In a unified CRM and ATS system, a transfer isn’t needed. Not only do you save time avoiding duplicate entry, but you gain the wealth of information gained during the sales cycle. The recruiters and administrative teams have the benefit of the hard work of the sales team. Conversations regarding budgets, hiring cycles, and history on previous failures with other recruiting agencies are now at the recruiters finger tips. This wealth of information facilitates a smooth transition and ideal conditions for optimal customer service.  

The unified CRM and ATS system offers so many obvious benefits. If you are operating in separate systems today, we encourage you to look at the latest staffing software technology. You will find a system like Bond AdaptSuite is the recruiting software solution you need to quickly fill jobs, but also offer extensive CRM functionality that enables your sales team and improves their success. Contact Bond to see a demo of Bond AdaptSuite.

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