Why Staffing Agencies Aren’t Providing the Mobility Candidates Want

Posted by Bond Team | August 25, 2015 |

staffing-software-needs-to-be-mobileRecruiting managers, I hate to break it to you, but we have a disconnect going on. This disconnect has to do with current recruiting practices versus what candidates want from staffing agencies. Candidates are becoming more demanding (because they can), and you need to respond to their wants or miss out on attracting top talent.

So what is it that candidates want, but most agencies aren’t providing? Mobility. You need to be using staffing software that allows talent to view job openings and details via smartphone and quickly, easily apply for jobs, wherever, whenever.

“Access to employees and agencies is easier with technology,” says Dottie Peterson, owner of Snelling Staffing Services-Denver. “It’s just the way it is now, and the one that can not only keep on top but can also innovate wins.”

Candidates Want Mobility

A survey conducted by careerbuilder.com found that mobile is taking over when it comes to how job seekers look for their next career move. In fact, the survey found that when job seekers can’t apply via their mobile device, 65 percent usually decide against applying for that position.

Can you risk losing 65 percent of your potential top talent? If you want to win, you’ve got to have mobility.

Candidates Want to Streamline Applications

Most job seekers view the application process as taking too long and being more cumbersome than necessary. In fact, 60 percent of job seekers have quit in the middle of an application process because it was taking too long and was too complex. Conversely, 50 percent of employers believe that a longer process is a positive since it “weeds out” applicants who aren’t serious about the opportunity.

Employers need to change their mindset about “weeding out” candidates who aren’t serious. Candidates are rejecting lengthy, complex job applications. In other words, they’ll end up weeding out your agency, and you’ll lose out on placing top talent. You need simple, streamlined processes for top talent to apply if you want to win.

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Agency Professionals Feel Mixed

When it comes to your staff, they may have mixed feelings about staffing software with mobility. I’ve heard comments about it being a necessary evil, just the way things are – even as it’s seen as being critical for success.

“The easier it is for applicants and agencies to do their business from their smartphones, the better off they are,” says Peterson. “The ability to do business virtually is vital. It allows us to do more. You can take your business to the people. But the bad thing is that you are never done working.”

Monica Vomastic, president and CEO of Landmark Staffing Resources, says that she sees mobility growing in importance over time, “[Now we use] Outlook access, which is critical – on a scale of 1 to 5 it would be a 10!”

But perhaps the real reason that some agencies haven’t fully embraced a mobile candidate interface is that their current staffing software just does not offer the features and functions that are necessary to seamlessly engage and attract today’s talent.

Mobility Critical to Bridge Disconnect

Staffing software with integrated mobility capabilities is vital for bridging the disconnect between what candidates expect and what recruiting agencies currently offer. Candidates want to quickly, easily search and apply for jobs via their mobile devices. Of the agencies surveyed, about one-third of the agencies do indeed plan to update their mobile experience for candidates.

Today’s top talent are in high demand. They want to apply whenever, wherever, from their mobile device, in a streamlined, simple process. Your staffing software must be available on mobile if you want to survive today’s competitive industry and win.

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