Bond AdaptSuite Staffing Software Reporting & Analytics

Bond AdaptSuite Staffing Software Business Intelligence Reporting & AnalyticsAdaptSuite Reporting & Analytics offers you a comprehensive, easy-to-use Business Intelligence (BI) solution that delivers fully customizable management reporting and dashboards.

AdaptSuite Reporting & Analytics helps staffing and recruiting agencies like yours dig into staffing and recruiting metrics that matter. You gain easy access to insightful and actionable data within your business. This improves efficiency and business agility in a number of ways:

  • Merges and tracks staffing and recruiting business metrics from different sources in a single dashboard, giving a real-time 360° view of the business.
  • Turns raw data into actionable information to make better decisions – for example, being able to easily see which staffing customers are the most profitable, and why.
  • Decreases time spent on generating data-driven insights about market and revenue opportunities – like seeing recruiting trends among customers based on their needs.
  • Prepares for continuous growth, with the capacity to process and act upon an ever growing amount of generated business data.
  • Empowers the team, giving all employees the necessary tools to make data-driven decisions.

The benefits of AdaptSuite staffing software’s integrated BI to your staffing and recruiting agency are undeniable – and those highlighted above are only the beginning. This self-service tool provides flexibility in report formatting and style, more options to filter specific results, as well as time-saving features in executing reports; such as scheduling and emailing.

The new AdaptSuite Custom Reporting & Dashboard Design Module gives users even more power to create unlimited custom reports and analytics, customize system reports with required formats, and create dashboard style graphical reports. Users can also manage the folder structure for storing their custom reports and control the permissions for the reports in each folder.

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