Find out how AdaptSuite staffing software can improve your sales, recruiting, and management productivity.

New enhancements in Bond AdaptSuite can rock your candidate sourcing and recruiting, streamline your payroll/billing and ACA management, and much more. Discover how in a no-obligation demo.

How can your staffing or recruiting agency can achieve better performance and profits? New enhancements to our AdaptSuite staffing software can help you put more people to work profitably.

  • Improved tracking of contingent employee benefits will help you better manage ACA tracking and compliance
  • New dashboards and reporting that facilitates management decision-making
  • Online importing of contacts into the AdaptSuite CRM reduces data entry efforts to improve recruiter and sales rep productivity
  • A new Desktop Agent offers tight integration between AdaptSuite and other third-party applications to help improve candidate sourcing, streamline onboarding, facilitate background checks, and more

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Recruiting, where first-to-fill means first-to-bill.

The AdaptSuite Recruitment Studio was designed just for recruiting and staffing professionals like you. It’s staffing software with nearly everything you need on one easy-to-use screen that improves producitivity.

Sales and AdaptSuite. Finally, CRM that works.

AdaptSuite’s Sales Studio enables you to easily collaborate with your team and communicate effectively with your customers. From one screen it gives you fast, easy access to all of your contacts and activities so you can focus on what’s important to making your quota.

Payroll & Billing that gets the numbers right.

An integrated back-office can make your business more efficient and profitable. That’s why the optional AdaptSuite Payroll/Billing module capabilities are world-class.

AdaptSuite for clear, insightful management.

AdaptSuite Management capabilities offers you interactive, real-time dashboards and ad hoc reporting. You’ll get strategic business KPI’s, tactical staff performance details and more that help you manage your business.

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