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TRC Staffing Services Case Study Shows Process Improvement with Bond Adapt Recruiting Software

June 5th 2014

Case Study Shows Bond Adapt Staffing Software and Collaboration Give TRC Staffing Services Adaptability, Process Improvement

Bond International Software, Inc. customer TRC Staffing Services, Inc. is a national recruiting center based in Atlanta, with 40 locations around the country. In 2011, the company foresaw potential opportunities in the industry, but the software company they had at the time was unwilling to work with them to implement the modifications they needed to move forward with their strategy. In addition, the old staffing software could not incorporate TRC business policies, slowing down certain recruiting procedures.

The solution for TRC was Bond’s configurable Adapt staffing and recruiting software

TRC chose Bond over the other eight software companies they considered due to the adaptability of Bond’s Adapt staffing software solutions and because of the strategic partnerships that Bond builds with its clients.

“The ability and willingness of Bond to configure their software to meet our needs was a crucial factor in our decision,” says John Clifford, vice president and chief information officer at TRC. “Bond makes their software available to end users, who then host their own version of the application and can make the modifications they need to support their business.”

Bond Adapt delivers performance that helps drive business

Among the many business benefits that TRC now has with Bond Adapt staffing and recruiting software are:

Another benefit is how Bond partners with its clients like TRC. “We value our strategic alliance with Bond,” says Clifford. “They are growing with us and vice versa — that’s one of the key things that led us to look for a new solution, why we chose Bond and why we’re still with Bond.”


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