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Bond International Software Releases White Paper on the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Staffing and Recruiting

November 5th 2013

New Bond White Paper – Anticipating the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Staffing Industry – provides valuable insight on the perceptions of staffing and recruiting professionals on the potential effects of the ACA.

Bond International Software, the global staffing, recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announced the release of a white paper based on more than 300 survey responses from staffing and recruiting professionals about their perceptions of the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on their businesses. The survey and white paper identified widespread uncertainty regarding ACA’s impact, along with the potential costs and opportunities associated with it.

Bond developed the white paper — Anticipating the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Staffing Industry — to put a finger on the collective pulse of the staffing industry. Bond’s aim is to help staffing and recruiting professionals gain clarity on the anticipated effects of ACA by providing a platform to compare their viewpoints with industry peers. The whole purpose is to dig deep into why the uncertainties exist, and then talk about what staffing and recruiting businesses can do to manage the effects of the ACA.

So what impact does the staffing industry see in the ACA?

A big part of the uncertainty – especially for smaller staffing companies – is not knowing whether the operational slack exists to meet all the new requirements. This white paper covers some important questions that need to be answered and will also help staffing businesses ensure that their recruiting software is prepared to help meet all the new requirements with efficiency.

Predictions that staffing professionals shared included:    

To see how staffing and recruiting professionals feel about managing the ACA puzzle, read the Bond white paper Anticipating the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Staffing Industry.


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