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Bond Releases Whitepaper on Techniques for Conquering the Sales Process for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

July 8th 2014

Bond International Software, the global staffing and recruiting software specialists, shares insights on effectively onboarding and managing a top-performing sales team.

Bond International Software, the global staffing and recruiting software specialists, is announcing the release of its latest whitepaper covering techniques for conquering the power of the sales process for staffing and recruiting agencies. Bond interviewed top sales gurus and recruiting experts to uncover their world-class advice, from the best onboarding practices through valuable metrics analysis that can propel recruitment agency growth.

Looking to top performers for inspiration on training, adapting and measuring results Conquering the Recruiting Sales Team Process: Refine Your Onboarding, Development and Measurement System for Success  highlights strategies on how to:

For example, as part of the onboarding process, new hires should learn about the company’s best practices regarding contacting prospective companies without annoying valuable clients. According to Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World, 60 percent of clients buy after five “No’s,” yet:

The last step in Bond’s whitepaper shows how to take a recruiting company’s team to champion status by analyzing certain metrics. Staffing experts advise how to leverage recruiting software and other tools to track numbers and achieve goals.

Recruitment managers are busy running their staffing agencies – so Bond has taken the time to interview the experts and relay their insight and advice. This latest resource delves into how to integrate onboarding, include the expertise of your top performers, and incorporate metrics analysis into your process. Learn more by downloading Bond’s whitepaper.

In this recruiting and staffing resource, Bond also delves into strategically learning staffing solutions from a recruitment firm’s star players. Seasoned sales professionals should teach the rest of the team how to be of true value to clients, becoming viewed as a valuable partner and advisor – not just a vendor.


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