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FMP Global Joins Bond International Software PLC, Offering Firms Fully Managed International Payroll Services

March 2nd 2015

FMP GlobalBond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announced that FMP Global has joined with Bond to provide fully managed international payroll services.

There are many distinctive and challenging issues for U.S.-based companies expanding into or opening facilities in other countries throughout the world. One of the most significant of these is – how do you handle payroll and other HR-related issues for your overseas employees?

FMP Global offers a comprehensive solution as the leading provider of international payroll services. They have a unique offering for customers based in North America, aimed at companies struggling with the complexities of running payroll across the globe. FMP Global provides payroll services in most countries from one employee upwards.

FMP’s services don’t just include payroll – They can also help with:

FMP’s principle service offers simple managed payrolls, in most countries of the developed world, with no need for software or hardware. All business is conducted in English via a single point of contact, at our service center, so there is no barrier in communication or opportunity for misunderstandings.

With over 40 years of experience in managing complex international payroll issues, whatever your situation – FMP can help. For further information, please contact FMP Global direct at: 1-800-234-1840 or 1-202-408-7323 or via email at


About Bond International Software PLC (UK, AIM: BDI)

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