Best Practices for Electronic I-9 Solutions

The Form I-9 is a complex document that can lead to expensive fines in the event of a government audit. It’s a difficult process to ensure each document is filled out correctly between Electronic I-9multiple branch locations and storage rules and regulations are met consistently. There’s also the time-consuming task of keeping up with temporary employees’ identification documents expiration dates which can be a tedious, manual process. Do you have a legal-resource to go to for unique circumstances?  By utilizing an electronic I-9 solution, your staff will be able to save time on onboarding processes and your staffing agency can potentially save thousands of dollars if ever subject to a government audit. 

How can an electronic I-9 solution keep your staffing agency compliant and efficient? 

In this whitepaper, we examine the best practices that you should follow when selecting a solution to for electronic Form I-9s.  We look at:

  • Ensuring electronic Form I-9 documents are always error-free
  • Benefits of electronic storage
  • Effortless integrations with your ATS software
  • And much more

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