A staffing software solution just for you. Yeah, you.

You’ve got work to do. Job Orders to fill. Sales calls to make. Payroll to run. Or you’re managing everything and everyone else. Get it done with AdaptSuite staffing software solutions. AdaptSuite is an enterprise-capable, staffing software solution for everyone in your organization. No matter what your role, it’s designed for you and your success. 

Staffing software for recruiter success.Recruiting: Simplified and Perfected.

Being ‘first-to-fill’ takes a lot of work. AdaptSuite can help you to become a rock-star recruiter with an intuitively-designed Recruitment Studio that puts just about everything a recruiter like you needs at your fingertips on one screen. With powerful applicant tracking, candidate search, and talent management capabilities, you’ll be able to find and place the quality candidates and employees on the job that will have your customers calling you first every time. READ MORE >

AdaptSuite staffing software for staffing and recruiting sales prosSales CRM: Because You Like Closing.

Sales is a people game. To close business you’ve got to stay in front of your customers and your prospective customers. Bond’s AdaptSuite staffing software solution gives you the upper hand with robust customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. The AdaptSuite Sales Studio gives you the ability to manage your calls, activities, and other sales processes quickly and efficiently so that you get on with closing deals and counting up your bonuses. READ MORE >

Bond AdaptSuite staffing software for payroll and billing for temporary staffing agenciesPayroll/Billing: Fast, Easy, Accurate.

It’s payroll day — do you know where all the time-cards are? The Bond AdaptSuite staffing software solution helps you better manage all of the big and little challenges of middle-office payroll and billing — from data entry to government reporting — to make your day easier. Bond’s optional fully-integrated AdaptSuite Payroll/Billing is fast, easy, and accurate, and it’s based on more staffing agency back-office experience than anyone else in the business. Period. READ MORE >

Bond AdaptSuite staffing software for managing temporary staffing business operationsManagement: Win the Numbers Game.

What keeps you up at night about your agency? Probably the every-day key performance metrics of your operation. Bond AdaptSuite staffing software for staffing and recruitment agencies is far more than a superb tool for recruiting, sales, and payroll/billing.  This staffing software solution is a full-fledged management tool that takes the raw numbers of activities, orders, fills, placements, and more and enables you to see them in a way to help you effectively manage your agency. READ MORE >

Thanks for visiting — if you’re here to find out how to improve the performance and profits of your agency, you’re in the right place. To learn more about AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software solutions, contact us to request a demo. We want to help you, just like we’ve helped tens of thousands of other staffing and recruiting professionals world-wide for more than 40 years.

Product News Update: Bond AdaptSuite staffing software version 3.3 adds Business Intelligence reporting and analytics, LinkedIn integration, Affordable Care Act (ACA) data extraction for IRS reporting, and more.

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