Managing your agency is a whole lot easier with the AdaptSuite Applicant Tracking System for recruiting and staffing.

You need KPI reports from sales and recruiting. Right now. Where’s your past-due billing report? Why is it that half of the data you need to create sales forecasts was never entered into your ATS? You’ve got new sales reps and recruiters coming onboard, and you have to get them productive – fast. Oh, and how are you going to manage all of that Affordable Care Act reporting? Ah, the joys of being in management.

Bond AdaptSuite  offers managers an applicant tracking system with comprehensive management dashboards and reporting for your agency.Cut the stress and focus on growing your business with AdaptSuite. Get applicant tracking system functions that bolster your sales and recruiting teams’ ability to reach their goals so they choose to use it. Dashboards and comprehensive reporting provide the data you need when making decisions. Plus, AdaptSuite offers amazing configurability so that you can add your own special ‘secret sauce’ to your service operations and processes.

AdaptSuite Provides Insightful Data to Manage and Grow Your Business

Take the guesswork out of managing your recruiting team. This applicant tracking system is easy to learn, allowing your team to streamline their activities to close more deals and fill more orders. Plus, AdaptSuite includes tools that help you assess future budget, client profitability, and staff hires, so you can spend more time growing your business.

Makes It Easy for You and Your Staff. New employees have step-by-step instructions and visual cues to help them quickly learn the system, which synchs with Outlook. Recruiters  (screen below) and sales staff can conduct 80 percent of their work from one screen. No hand holding necessary.

AdaptSuite Recruiting Software incorporates the majority of your daily tasks on one screen for improved workflow and fewer clicks.


Offers Dashboards for Real-time Management. AdaptSuite allows you to quickly view your team’s activities, including calls, interviews and submissions in real time. By clicking on a number on the dashboard, you can see more detailed information about the task. Plus, AdaptSuite’s Opportunity function helps you gauge future job orders. Fast answers for fast, accurate management!

Bond AdaptSuite staffing software and recruiting software offers robust management dashboards and reporting.


Creates KPI Reports to Drive Strategies. Setting goals for your team is crucial to success. With the Key Performance Indicator Report, you can run reports based off of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals, and use this information to show members of your team specific areas they need to improve and highlight areas in which they excel. Similar KPI reports are available for sales – and it’s all simple, within the applicant tracking system. No more excuses for not hitting goals!

Bond AdaptSuite staffing software enables managers to set and review sales and recruiting goals easily.


Clarifies Agency Performance. As your staffing agency grows, it’s important to have clarity into the performance of each staff member and every branch office. Bond AdaptSuite includes more than 200 reports to give you necessary details with a click. By simply going into the reporting tab, you can pull any report by date range, user, division and branch. No spyware needed.

Bond AdaptSuite recruiting software includes recruiter activity reporting to help you track and manage recruiter performance.

Give yourself an edge.

ACA Studio Widget – provides productivity tools in one screen to manage ACA activities, minimizing time spent
on ACA. Coverage codes and other report updates have been added to ACA reporting, providing peace of mind that
your reporting is accurate.

AdaptSuite Transaction Searching – enables staffing and recruiting agency management to search and combine both operational and financial data. This capability offers more insight into transactions as it enables the creation of ad-hoc reporting for export and analysis on a variety of key performance indicators related to contingent payroll and billing.

AdaptSuite in Action. AdaptSuite for Growth. Ahh, the joys of easier management.

AdaptSuite is designed to easily grow with your firm, and can be configured to change with your changing business. It will give you clear insight into individual, team, and business performance, and help you better serve the needs of your clients. See how with a personal DEMO.

Product News Update: Bond AdaptSuite staffing software version 3.6 expands onboarding and back office functionality  

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