Stay calm and carry on with web-based back office software for staffing and recruiting that boosts efficiency.

Managing payroll and billing for a fast-paced staffing firm is pretty stressful. Like, tear out your hair stressful. Maybe you’ve got contractors working in five different cities in three different states – every month. When you process billing and payroll, you want speed, accuracy and efficiency. You don’t have time to hunt down missing timecards, do duplicate data entry or be slowed down by timecard batch processing. Oh, and all that government reporting has to be spot-on. Every time.

Bond AdaptSuite is back office recruiting software and staffing software that offers integrated employee payroll and customer billing to streamline your back office operations.Bond AdaptSuite can make your back-office stress-free. This back office staffing software is web based to improve productivity. Plus, as you already do all of the leg work for processing payroll, AdaptSuite enables you to eliminate third-party payments, saving money.

Unified AdaptSuite Front and Back Office Staffing and Recruiting Software Streamlines Your Staffing Operations

Unlike other applicant tracking systems, AdaptSuite software unifies front and back office software solutions into one so that tasks, payroll, billing, and reporting are completed quickly and accurately. So, brew yourself a cup of tea and let AdaptSuite manage the heavy number-crunching for you.

Updates Records in Real Time. When you enter payroll or billing data all related records are updated. Every little thing is tracked with smooth efficiency. AdaptSuite’s financial workflows provide checks and balances for full compliance, plus you can create versatile batch types for easy management of your processes. You’ll be saying “Done – what’s next?”


AdaptSuite back office staffing software's financial workflows provide checks and balances for full compliance, plus you can create versatile batch types for easy management of your processes.

Allows Improved Visibility while Automating Tasks. From the financials screen, you make one click to access, review and create batches, payroll, billing and government reports. Give team members the ability to view the information they need, including payroll and invoice history for job placements. Cutting wasted time was never so easy!

Bond AdaptSuite back office Recruiting and Staffing Software features integrated back-office payroll and billing.


Allows for Uninterrupted Work. You don’t have to plan your day around when you’ll run a batch using this back office software. AdaptSuite’s queue processes in real time in the cloud, so workflow isn’t disrupted and you can keep working. Onward and upward.

AdaptSuite’s back office staffing software queue processes in real time on the cloud, so workflow isn’t disrupted and you can keep working efficiently.


Speeds Processing. Creating a batch and adding timecards is fast and efficient with this back office software, whether you’re entering one record, a group of time cards (shown below) or importing data from clock systems with the import studio. Simple and speedy!

AdaptSuite back office staffing software handles individual or group time card data entry easily.


Includes Portal Access. Thanks to an intuitive web portal, your agency’s placed employees can go online to view their pay stubs, W2s and check history. Plus, your customers can see their invoice history and balance, and you can automatically have invoices sent out via email or printed mail per their preferences. This saves you time, preventing all those questions from customers or candidates about payment or billing. It’s good to delegate.

Bond AdaptSuite back office staffing software includes reporting a web portal for employees to access their payroll and check history.


Insightful Reporting. AdaptSuite unifies back office information into recruiting management software that includes more than 200 reports, from sales analysis to gross pay, gross billings and margins by divisions or branch. This gives managers better insight into the firm’s performance, allowing for informed decision making. Knowledge is power!

Bond AdaptSuite back office staffing software includes over 200 reports to manage payroll, billing, and more.

Streamline your back office operations

AdaptSuite General Ledger Export – allows staffing and recruiting agencies like yours the freedom to easily export AdaptSuite payroll and billing transactional data directly into the General Ledger software of your choice, thus saving time and reducing data entry errors. The process uses the existing lifecycle of the transactions to create a data file where items in the file are identified by type so that mapping can be set up in the destination GL system. The flexible export process can be run at any time in the lifecycle and will only pull eligible transactions which were not previously exported.

AdaptSuite Fee Capture – offers your staffing agency an automated means to setup and define fee types, such as for the administration of the Affordable Care Act, and pass those costs back to clients. Fees can be setup for automatic application at the corporate, client, job order, or assignment level, yet can be overridden if necessary. This feature is flexible enough to accommodate a vast number of scenarios with complete transparency at the transaction and processing levels.

See AdaptSuite at Work

Explore how AdaptSuite’s unified recruiting software that includes back office payroll and billing functions helps reduce your stress and can boost your staffing agency’s performance and profits by viewing our DEMO.

Product News Update: Bond AdaptSuite staffing software version 3.6 enhances Business Intelligence reporting and analytics,  Affordable Care Act (ACA) studio widget for easy management and more. 

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