Spend more of your time closing deals with customer relationship management software that drives revenue.

Sell. Sell. Sell! You’d rather be closing business than spending half your day in your sales customer relationship management (CRM) system. If your sales CRM is too cumbersome, you’ll never have enough time to actually sell. Cut the hassles with Bond’s AdaptSuite customer relationship management software and you’ll be able to focus on winning customers. 

Bond AdaptSuite staffing software and recruiting software.More selling time. Less wasted time.

AdaptSuite Sales Studio allows you to work fast within one screen to manage all of your contact and call activities. You’ll be able to quickly and easily find whatever data you need to help you manage your deals and get back to selling. Rainmaker? Yes, your boss is going to need a bigger umbrella.

You Can Find Who and What You Need. Right Now. From AdaptSuite, where virtually everything you need to access is on just one screen, one click lets you drill down to skillsets, experience, company names, opportunities and more. Before a call, one click brings you the contact’s background, communication log and previous notes you’ve taken – all within the customer relationship management software. Save more time. Make more money!

Bond AdaptSuite Sales Studio staffing software and recruiting software helps you close more deals faster.


Improves Tracking of ALL Your Contacts. Don’t let a potential client fall through the cracks. Find contacts who have no activity so you can quickly identify opportunities to sell with confidence. Plus, AdaptSuite tracks job submittals, clients, job orders and more. You and management will have access to KPIs that help you grow your performance. It’s sales time!

Bond AdaptSuite Sales Studio staffing software supercharges sales with 80% of all tasks on one screen.


Syncs with Outlook To Help You Stay Organized. AdaptSuite customer relationship management software syncs with Outlook. And you can simply drag and drop search results into the “My Contacts” folder to organize routine contacts, current priorities and call lists. And, yes, there’s a mobile version for your road show. Rock and roll, baby!

Bond AdaptSuite Sales Studio synchs with Outlook to manage your day.


Creates Meetings and Tasks. Drag and drop search results from the “My Contacts” folder into “Schedule a Task” and the meeting or task is created in a snap. In one screen you can manage upcoming meetings and tasks as well. Book it!

Bond AdaptSuite Sales Studio staffing software helps you manage meetings and tasks.


Manages and Monitors Existing Job Orders. With one click, you can also check on job openings and quickly present top candidates to clients. A single button shows you job orders that have no activity so you know what clients still need your team’s help. You can also run a forecast or pipeline report to help gauge upcoming business with customer relationship management software  that makes it easy. It’s okay to show off – you know your talent is the best.

Bond AdaptSuite Sales Studio staffing software helps you manage existing job orders.


Finds New Leads. AdaptSuite automatically creates organizational charts, giving you a clear view into the relationships between your contacts. Leverage your successful placements and easily navigate through records to contact your next great lead. It’s a sweet way to a bonus.

Bond AdaptSuite recruting software Sales Studio helps you find new leads and manage customer heirarchies.


Manages Your Sales Process from One Screen. There’s no clicking from here to there because all of the detailed information you need is at your fingertips – from creating activities to scheduling follow-ups. What’s more, it syncs with recruiting software so  you and your team can share details instantly that help you respond to your customers faster. Now that’s selling!

Bond AdaptSuite staffing software Sales Studio helps you manage the entire sales process.

See Bond AdaptSuite for yourself.

Eliminate wasted time searching for the data you need to close the deal – one click gets it done so you stay focused on selling with customer relationship management software from AdaptSuite. See how in your own personal DEMO.


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