Rock on with amazing speed to fill orders with AdaptSuite recruiting software’s visibility into talent and job orders.

Great. You just received orders for five hard-to-fill candidates. Plus, you need to report on candidates placed and contractors coming off assignment. You also have 50 new resumes in your inbox to review. Oh, and you’ve got a bunch of interviews to schedule. Just another day in recruiting paradise.

If you want to be a rock star recruiter, you need the right gear. You’ll be able to handle it all with speed and ease with AdaptSuite’s recruiting software. Anywhere. Anytime. Laptop or mobile device. Compared to other applicant tracking systems, its search center is a game changer — with everything you need to handle most of your daily tasks on one easy-to-use screen.

Waste less, fill more.

Bond AdaptSuite Recruitment StudioAdaptSuite Recruitment Studio helps you find and place more quality candidates with features that simplify your recruiting and staffing workday. For example, you can add layers of search criteria until you have the candidate field narrowed down to meet a client’s needs. Real-time activity dashboards offer insight into your performance at a glance. AdaptSuite recruiting software tracks all the important stuff so you’re always on top of the tasks at hand. And that’s how you become a rock star. On to the next gig!

AdaptSuite Helps Manage Candidates. You have immediate access to your folders of candidates. The folders can be built by individuals and shared within branches as well. Whoop!

Bond AdaptSuite Recruitment Studio recruiting software manages your talent pool so that you can more efficiently make placements.

Facilitates Easy Communications. Once you’ve found your qualified pool, from within the recruiting software you can send an email or text message, schedule phone calls or forward resumes to the client with a click. Hot!

AdaptSuite Recruiting Software offers comprehensive search capabilities

Offers Comprehensive Search Capabilities. You can search within AdaptSuite for candidates by resume, location, job history, college education, security clearance and more. The search automatically scores the candidates so you can easily review the candidates and drag and drop them into the chosen talent pool. Zip!

AdaptSuite Recruitment Studio staffing software organizes job orders for you within its placement center function.

Prioritizes Job Orders. AdaptSuite organizes job orders for you within its placement center. The “My Jobs” folder highlights jobs that are assigned to you and remain active or partially filled. Swish!

You can enter candidates into AdaptSuite Recruitment Studio Applicant Tracking Software with one click from Outlook, a folder or a website, greatly reducing the time you spend on data entry.


But wait, there’s more!

AdaptSuite Job Feed – gives staffing and recruiting agencies the ability to setup job feeds to any job board that can accept the XML. You can implement multiple new job posting feeds without customization or configuration. This expands your job posting capability while reducing the administrative burden for recruiters or system administrators and improving reporting visibility.

See how AdaptSuite recruiting software helps you find the most elusive talent and place them faster by viewing a DEMO. Thunderous applause!

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Product News Update: Bond AdaptSuite staffing software version 3.3 adds Business Intelligence reporting and analytics, LinkedIn integration, Affordable Care Act (ACA) data extraction for IRS reporting, and more.

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