Want to be a recruiting rock star? Get the best staffing software to play.

Not every staffing software is created equal. To determine which staffing software or recruiting software might be best for you and your agency, let’s break it all down for you.

In the realm of business software there is a category of staffing software – that Bond specializes in – that’s designed specifically for temporary staffing agencies, employment agencies, headhunters, temp agencies, recruitment agencies, staffing agencies and related businesses that focus on recruiting employees to work for client organizations.

Just What is Temporary Staffing Software?

Temporary staffing, temp staffing, contingent staffing, temp recruiting, contract staffing, whatever you want to call it, is pretty specialized. So it is that temporary staffing software is pretty unique as well. It has some of the characteristics of corporate recruiting software — that is, the candidate recruiting and applicant tracking software component.

This component is often called ‘recruiting software,’ and for many niche or low volume recruiting agencies, having a good applicant tracking system (ATS) or recruiting software package is enough to ensure reasonable success. However, a simple ATS isn’t enough for a full-service staffing or recruiting agency that drives larger volumes of transactions, placements (or fills), or has grown to have multiple offices or staffing/recruiting disciplines (lines of business). The temporary staffing software has to be a multi-tasking, intuitive system that enables recruiters, staffing coordinators, and account managers to do more than just source and place candidates or contingent or contract employees with customer organizations. A lot more.

In addition to its capabilities on the candidate recruiting side, temporary staffing software has to amp it up far beyond what simpler recruiting software or applicant tracking systems might provide.  Temporary staffing software has to have the ability to effectively manage candidates and contract or contingent employees on the job. This can include onboarding, certification management, skills testing, and job performance reviews. 

Further, unlike pure front-office only recruiting software, temporary staffing software has to track employee time cards, expenses, and other payroll and billing factors. All of these issues may be unique for each and every customer and job order or project. Additionally, to streamline the agency’s operations and reduce the cost of service delivery (i.e., improve bottom-line profits), it has to accurately and efficiently handle contract or contingent employee payroll and customer billing. This is sometimes called the ‘middle-office’ of the staffing agency accounting operations. This differentiates staffing software from the ‘back-office’ accounting operations, so the staffing software has to be able to export all of the necessary data into a full-fledged, off-the-shelf General Ledger software for business financials.

Oh, and let’s not forget that temporary staffing software also has to track and report on all government-required reporting such as that for city, state, and federal taxes as well as Workers Compensation and the Affordable Care Act. And to top it off, staffing software has to be robust enough to handle the high turnover rate of temporary staffing employees, which can average up to 400 percent annually.

Seems like it’s getting complicated, right? Well hang on, there’s more.

Recruiters and staffing coordinators or account managers at a temporary staffing or direct-hire agency don’t live in a bubble. They are invariably part of tightly cohesive team focused on delivering superb service to THEIR customers. The staffing agency’s sales representatives, back-office accounting personnel, and staffing agency management all work together and so need their staffing software to help them collaborate and communicate together. Better, easier, faster, and more seamless communications helps to ensure both success and accountability.

All of that communication between each other as well as with customers, candidates, and employees has to be easily managed through the staffing software. That’s where the activity tracking, email integration, management dashboards, and reporting capabilities of the staffing software become critical. Successful staffing and recruiting agencies run their business by the numbers, and being able to make strategic and tactical business decisions based on accurate key performance indicators and metrics is one often overlooked capability that a good temporary staffing software system has to have.

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We’ve only touched the surface of what great staffing software should be able to do for you. We get all that, and we’ve put it into AdaptSuite staffing software, a world-class, enterprise capable, software as a service solution that you can use to make some beautiful music.

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